Latest fashion news

Latest fashion news


The fresh-off-the-mill label headed by Medha Khosla is aptly named Anomaly for its digression from the path of over exaggeration, in favour of a subtler take on normcore. The brand is a mirror reflection of the designer’s personal views on fashion, of less being arguably more. The brand is focussed on keeping the production to a bare minimum to maintain exclusivity. 



Designer Nimish Shah’s spring-summer’16 offering through his label Shift, is an attempt to control the excesses of fashion and to find a merger between technology and sustainability with a targeted focus on redefining the true meaning of a ‘care label’. His pastel-hued reverence for peasant-inspired silhouettes is a winning nod towards the adage—a bird in hand is worth two in the bush with fashion and sustainability both getting their fair share of the spotlight.



The Spanish label Delpozo explores the timelines of modernist elements in Mexican architect Luis Barragán’s templates, and the borderline voyeuristic suggestions made in the works of contemporary Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography, with creative director Josep Font’s newly released pre-fall ad campaign. The balance of colour has been struck with the use of exaggerated silhouettes in an ode to Font’s love for a new ‘feminine’.



Michael by Michael Kors offers a rather spirited take on the revival of its equestrian ethos in its latest slew of accessories, in a generous dollop of tans and chestnut browns. This saddle-shaped sling bag, in particular, keeps it high on the style quotient and deceptively low on maintenance; very avant-garde and typically Michael Kors!



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