Kresha Bajaj & Vanraj Zaveri

Kresha Bajaj and Vanraj Zaveri

She weaved her love story,  the most memorable moments of hers and Vanraj on her bridal lehenga and took the nation by storm. She is the founder of Koëcsh, while Vanraj belongs to the family of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. Together, they drive the business and are an unstoppable force. Excerpts:

As we begin the New Year, tell us some of the key projects that you are working on for the year? What are we looking forward to?
This year the focus would be on innovation and bringing new concepts and ideas to clients who are always ahead of the game. This involves new techniques and skills mastered after extensive research and development.

Every person has different sets of ideas to offer. How do you both maintain your synergy of ideas and contribute to each other’s fields?
We always put the needs and wants of the brides before us. It’s always about what’s best for them without thinking of ourselves which is appreciated and which differentiates us from others. We also have similar aesthetics so it’s always easier when working on a bride together or even when it comes to taking advice on something I am creating. Kresha’s design skills always ease any road blocks I’m facing.

Are there times when you both discuss your respective fields and pertaining ideas and a debate arises. How do you both come to a conclusion? 
Debates and discussions are almost an everyday thing as we both have strong opinions which only lead to stronger ideas and concepts. But I’ve learnt to follow the rule that the wife is always right if we can’t settle on a conclusion.

Tell us about some skills that you have learnt from each other.
Time management, focus, organisation and how to eat meals for two people
What is the most annoying thing about each other?
Kresha: Most annoying thing is that he is always calm and deals with things calmly while I sometimes can act in the heat of the moment.

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