Italian Made

The fashion label Ermanno Scervino founded in 2000

The fashion label Ermanno Scervino founded in 2000, marries creative origination with Italian craftsmanship to produce its exquisite collection.

The name, has become symbolic with international style and tailor made Italian quality. The Italian luxury design house range includes, Ermanno Scervino Women’s collection, Men’s collection, Junior collection, Street collection and Lingerie and Beachwear.  Ermanno Scervino is a brand that believes in an effortless amalgamation of  impeccable Italian designs with timeless yet statement pieces. In an exclusive interview with L’Officiel india, Ermanno Scervino discuss about the intellectual and conceptual Italian approach.

How would you describe your signature style?

As a couture-à-porter, which means ready to wear, designed and handcrafted for women with the same techniques of haute couture. I design clothes for a free, strong, emancipated and independent woman, who likes to mix mannish and ultra-feminine items to create her own, personal style. I aim to enhance the wearer’s personality, and not to overwhelm it. I’m at the service of female beauty, and perhaps that’s what women appreciate the most in my creations.

What according to you is the favourite part of being a fashion designer?

It’s the job I dreamt doing since I was a child, so I like all of it. I love the creative part, when it comes to pick the best materials and to arrange them with the most innovative artisanal techniques. And, of course, I love to see a celebrity walking down a red carpet wearing one of my creations. Sure, there are difficult moments as well. Today, we are required to propose a new collection every six months, so we need to work really fast, while creativity and quality should actually need more time. But balancing all the pros and cons, I can affirm that there is no other job I would prefer, to this one.

The designs you create are well skilled and extraordinary. What inspires you while creating such designs?

The sources of inspiration can be very varied: I can be inspired by the aesthetics of a movie, by the atmospheres of a book, or by many other things. Having the privilege of living and working in a city full of art like Florence, it can also derive from the lines of a sculpture or by some stained-glass windows. Moving my ideas into materials, colours and shapes is then the most complex part.

What kind of ethics you believe in following, while working in the fashion industry?

I like to enhance women’s femininity, with items that underline their beauty without overwhelming it. Sensuality should derive from a game of see-through, without vulgar exposures of the body. But most importantly, I always aim at perfection. Working at the service of female beauty means offering them only the best, in terms of fabrics, creativity and quality.

What are the important facets of the fashion industry?

I think every designer has its personal and important facets. Mine, like I said, are a sensual femininity and artisanal techniques. There are, anyway, some important issues that all the fashion industry has to face since a couple of years. One of these is sustainability. We have to create products that are as eco-friendly as possible, already starting from a non-polluting production. I have started this path since the latest seasons, creating eco-furs instead of real ones and changing the packaging in my stores with a biodegradable and ecological one.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Well, there is one thing I always say: I’m not used to sending flowers to myself. Which means I always tend to see the flaws in my work, and almost never the good things? This is both a strength and a weakness. Sure enough, it allows me to work always better, constantly trying to get one step closer to perfection. But on the other hand, it becomes kind of an obsession, which leads to a constant dissatisfaction.  

How do you accept criticism and the last lesson you learned?

As I said, I’m my self’s first critic. So, I always try to take the positive things out of criticism and to turn it into something positive for my work. 

How would you relate past and present fashion trends? And how would you distinct the two fashion cities, Milan and Paris in terms of style?

I often look at the past as a source of inspiration. The great divas of Italian and Hollywood movies are my references for glamour and style. I think my SS’19 collection is a perfect example of how I balance past and present in my work, and it’s why a called the collection “Futuristic retro”. I took some elements from the past, like the mannish suits worn by Marlene Dietrich or the oversized sweaters worn by Marilyn Monroe and turned them into modern items, perfect for the woman of today. Thanks to the very innovative techniques, like the glazed wet-effect, which projected these traditional items not only in the present, but in the future as well.

Tell us something about your target audience? What is particular about your relationship with your clientele in the Middle East?

Middle East clients really appreciate my brand, but I actually find that my clientele shares a common aesthetic taste all over the world, from Florence to London or Baku to Dubai. These women have an international taste, an innate femininity and are in search for a unique beauty. They are demanding in terms of quality and attention to detail. Exactly what we offer with our items, 100 per cent made in Italy, tailor made and created with the most modern techniques.

Can you tell us about your inspirations for the next season?

The Fall Winter season will be sparkling. I decided to renew the game between masculine and feminine by adding crystals and precious stones – a girl’s best friends – to mannish fabrics like Prince of Wales or Hounds tooth. The result is extremely modern and defines a new femininity, absolutely shining and sensual.