How much is too much?

How much is too much?

We are not sure if everyone has had enough of ‘blackface’ yet. There are a lot of brands that have recently touched sensitive issues and for obvious reasons, social media is beyond control and is fighting hard.

Very recently, Gucci was in limelight after the brand was found selling a jumper which resembled a blackface to which social media responded and the brand pulled it down. Following this, it has been reported that the fashion brand owned by singer Katy Perry also had shoes selling on sale that resembled a blackface.

The two items known as, “Rue face slip on loafers” and “Ora face block heel sandals” was selling online which featured faces with red lips on top of the shoes. The brand also sent out a statement that the items have been pulled out and their intention was not to inflict any pain.

However, it seems unclear if the world is too sensitive or the brands are insensitive? Do let us know your views. We are waiting.

Mitali Goyal

Mitali Goyal is a fashion stylist at L'Officiel India. She is a stationery hoarder and you could come to her, in case, you'd like to know Victoria's Secret.