For globetrotting desis

For globetrotting desis

We recently completed 72 years of Independence and as a nation have evolved from strength to strength. Our biggest strength, however, lies in the pool of talent that has emerged in different fields. We are a densely populated country with a plethora of unique skills, creativity and innovation coming in from different parts. The daily struggles may differ for each one of us, but united we are, working towards greater growth and awareness. 


Unlike earlier, travelling became more of a necessity and could not be clubbed as luxury. With more and more Indians globetrotting for work, leisure and education the exposure to Western sensibilities has increased multifold. The understanding of different cultures has definitely challenged our limited perception and the choices we make. Whether lifestyle or fashion, our choices have definitely evolved. Specifically with fashion, comparison between Western and homegrown designers is inevitable. In any case, what I love and appreciate about the Indian fashion industry is the distinct identity that we have created for ourselves, which is rooted in our heritage yet contemporary in our approach. 


The finest fabrics coupled with precision and artisanal excellence forms the basis of Indian designs. In carving our niche, we have consciously strived to incorporate our unique crafts in our designs. For instance, zardozi, phulkari, ikat and kalamkari find expression in our designs. In our print inspired collections we work with elements that will complement the Indian consumer. The influence of West on the structure and cuts is undeniable, but even there, as Indian designers, we inherently have an understanding of the selection and preferences of our clientele and try to subtly fuse Indian and Western sensibilities that sets us apart from global designer. At The Designer Boutique on Amazon Fashion, for example, we haven’t shied away from working with graphics and digital prints, integrated peplum, asymmetrical cuts, puffed sleeves. 


Rina Dhaka can work the magic of ruffles and pastels in Indian saris beautifully. Krishna Mehta can play the magic of rich threadwork in a cheerful colour palette that complements the Indian complexion. 


Indian designers are constantly growing and exploring techniques that can better their collection. The world is a smaller, more accessible place now for both designers and consumers. Ideas are shared on social media and magazines. But, the flip side is that this constant exchange of information and ideas makes it difficult for the creator and the buyer to maintain complete authenticity. 


Apart from the standard designer wear, we have seen other aspects of Indian fashion grow leaps and bounds as well. This year, we saw Just F by Jacqueline Fernandez, one of the first athleisure wear brands for women (exclusively available on Amazon Fashion), the designs offer a sense of freedom in a beautiful colour palette. 


The Indian market has also evolved to offer an unparalleled selection to the globetrotting Indian who is unwilling to compromise 

on the best. 


Narendra Kumar is a designer and Creative Director at Amazon Fashion.


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