Haley Bennett is quickly establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic actresses. A shutterbug’s star, she emerges a stunner in Dior’s Cruise’17 collection. We delve into her multiple facets, even though, she likes to ‘ keep it simple’.


What does the house of Dior mean to you?

 When I think of the House of Dior, I think of elegance, timelessness,  and an allure that is impossible to describe. It’s just Dior. No  description needed.


You were invited to the show at the Blenheim Palace. What do you  think about the Cruise 2017 collection?

 The ambience of the Cruise 2017 show made my heart beat a little  quicker. It made my skin flush. The Blenheim palace is epic and is as  lush and romantic as its beautiful gardens. It’s history echoed from all  the intricate walls. That was reflective of the collection.


According to you, what does this collection say about the spirit of  Dior?

 There is a free spirited vibe to Cruise 2017. I feel the collection is  luxurious and easy to wear. It gives a nod to the past but remains  modern and fresh.


How does it feel to wear this new collection for this series of pictures?

It was a treat to be the first woman to wear the collection from the runways for the Dior magazine cover shoot. Out of a dream. And again for a shoot in New York.


Do you relate to the asthetics of this collection?

I really identify with the chameleon. As an actor I get to experience these sort of transformations. While I recognise myself, it’s a character. She is a woman that is mysterious and a little edgy.


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