Bollywood’s enchanting sylph Chitrangada Singh plays an eloquent muse for Rimple & Harpreet Narula’s line, soaked in ornate Indian motifs, reverberating with ingenious craft techniques.


How do you think Indian couture is slowly moving away from indulgence?

We see a movement towards softer elegance and restraint, a certain decadence achieved through more tone-on-tone embroideries that take us back to our glorious past, where rich Jamevars metamorphosed into luxe prints. This fall-winter, it’s all about enjoying the delicate nuances that Indian couture has to offer. 


Surface embellishments and embroideries are now minimal.How do you think Indian dressing will sustain this change?

The Indian fashion industry as a whole is more aware of the state of the artisans in our country and there is a collective feeling ofresponsibility about their upliftment, in the design fraternity. Better work conditions and higher wages are the need of the hour, so as to save our dying crafts. These artisans have been handed over immense knowledge for generations, and we as designers need to support them and ensure that they keep the fine tradition of Indian textiles alive. Since most of the finery in the world is created here in India, we have to make sure that child labour, along with other unethical activities, end. We want that artisans enjoy a life of dignity and we as designers can offer the global consumer the wealth of Indian crafts. It is great to see young designers take up the cause and work for the betterment of our artisans. There is a lot of interesting work being done, mixing traditional textiles with modern techniques in order to give the consumer something new and exciting.


How do you think your designs are reviving the state of Indian craftsmanship?

We love collecting old textiles and embroidery samples, and these have always been a source of inspiration for us, and we consider ourselves more of fashion revivalists. It has always been our endeavour to incorporate these in our collections and reinterpret them in a modern way for our consumer. This season, we took antique Jamevar shawls, digitally scanned them and turned them into prints that were showcased in our couture show.


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