Culture, uncultured

With the wave of right wingers taking over the country from our text books to the economic reforms and political situation of the country at a time like this when women are shamed to be bold and defiant and themselves when wearing a jeans or a dress is against the code of conduct and against our ‘Saanskaar’ (feels like living in the dark ages) there has to be a rEVOLution…and Scoop Whoop Shop’s latest womenswear is all about defying the right.

 With Scoop Whoops iconic ‘Kaafi Feminist’ and ‘Kaafi Liberal’ designs in a wider range of silhouettes. The bold yet quirky taglines are a salute to the undomitable spirit of the woman who doesn’t give a damn to all the things holding her back. Designs featuring feminist icons like Frida Kahlo and Kali make a bold statement without trying too hard. “Our womenswear collection has been specially crafted for the bold, beautiful, and daring women of today. It’s for those who are not afraid to make a noise for the right reasons." says Sriparna Tikekar, Co-Founder, Scoop Whoop, says of this collection. This collection truly resonates with everything the renegade woman of today stands for. Here’s to the fighter, the oddball, the unsanskaari one, who dares to break the rules and makes her own sanskaars rather than following ones she’s not okay with.


BY Nidhi
Managing Editor

Nidhi Raj Singh is the Managing Editor of L'Officiel India. You can find her hidden behind a book when she is not writing or taking photos.