10 Unknown Facts About The Famous Fashion Mogul- Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld dies at the age of 85

Karl was a German fashion mogul and was the creative director of the famous brands like the house of Chanel and Fendi. He is also an artist, photographer, costume designer, weight-loss guru, bookshop owner, and an author. He was on the top of his game throughout his life. He is known as much for his larger than life designer labels, as he is for his merciless wit and sharp tongue. Scroll down to read some of the crazy facts you might not know about the man before the rich life he led: 

1. Lagerfeld got his start in the fashion world in 1955, after winning a design competition sponsored by International Wool Secretariat, taking first place in the coat category. After the contest, he met a fellow winner of another category, who would also go on to become a famous designer and a close friend. That winner’s name was none other than Yves Saint Laurent.

2. Lagerfeld was born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt. He dropped the “t” from his last name early in his career, reportedly to make it sound “more commercial.”

3. His pet cat, Choupette Lagerfeld accompanies Lagerfeld wherever he goes and has her own Instagram and twitter account in addition to her two personal maids. 


4. He has a tiny little estate in Vermont as well with apple and pear orchards, has apartments in New York and Paris.

5. He has one house for sleeping and sketching and one for lunch & dinner.

6. The house where he sleeps has no kitchen, he has food brought to him like in a hotel.

7. Karl Lagerfeld has so many valuables that he needs a "safe" place to store them, a safe and his custom made Louis Vuitton Trunk that can hold 20 iPods, a speaker, and a subwoofer, in addition to other items.   

8. He sleeps only on antique bed spreads and his mattressess are changed every 6 months. 

9. Lagerfeld is addicted to Pepsi, according to several reports, and has a special butler who follows him around at parties with a goblet of Pepsi on a tray. he drinks up to 20 cans of Diet Coke per day. He doesn't like drinking water because it is not tasty. 

10. Karl Lagerfeld is a supporter of the use of fur in fashion. He himself doesn’t wear fur and hardly eats meat.