Rewriting The Rules

model-entrepreneur Rahi Chadda is unstoppable

With a deep understanding for fashion and skincare, model-entrepreneur Rahi Chadda is unstoppable. Can you guess where his next stop is?

Rahi Chadda’s chiselled face and luscious tresses might distract you, but there’s more to this London-based model than meets the eye. Beyond his Greek god looks, lies a deeply passionate person. His journey into the world of fashion began when he shared his images, stirring the digital world. There was no looking back since then. Today, his career as a model takes him to places, as he walks the ramp for some of the biggest brands. Excerpts from a freewheeling interview with him:

How did the thought of becoming a model first come to your mind?

I grew up with a keen interest in fashion. I met a friend who owns a talent agency and he asked me to pose for a couple of photographs. The photos received positive feedback on digital platforms that inspired me to continue. The journey opened up a whole new world for me, nudging me to become a content creator and influencer, something that I enjoy doing today. It’s great that my skill and visibility on social media is celebrated. Supported by my agents at Storm, I get to work with brands that share the same vision. 

How is the world of modelling different in India from the rest of the world?

There is definitely a cultural difference, but there are also lots of similarities as the profession is global. It is always interesting to work with different photographers, different teams. I learnt so much because each one has a unique vision and approach that helped me to improve my skill. Also, no two clients are the same, wherever in the world that is, they each have their own set of expectations and work ethic.

You also run a skincare clinic in London. Tell us about it.

Skincare is another genre that I find intriguing. It is something that does not change as much as the fashion, but is very important part of a profession like mine. I love working with people and feel lucky that I am able to help them, meet someone’s expectations and help them achieve results, which is challenging yet a fulfilling experience.

How important are botox and dermal fillers for someone associated with the fashion world?

It really depends on an individual. In fashion, I find that injectable treatments don’t prevail as much. Models usually come to us with skin issues, such as acne, pigmentation, scarring and so forth. They are more conscious towards treating their skin texture. In a digital era, taking care of skin has become an important factor and agencies also encourage skincare. Having a polished skin on camera underneath all the makeup is equally important.

You have walked the ramp for Chopard Parfums at Cannes. How was the experience?

Cannes was such a beautiful experience. I am grateful for the opportunity that Chopard Parfums and their team extended to me. I love working with the brand in particular because their scents are bespoke. A lot of thought and commitment go behind creating the range as well as make it a personalised experience.

How do you define fashion? What’s your personal style?

Fashion is subjective. It’s a moment where I get to explore different sides of me depending on how I am feeling. I think of fashion as being powerful and influential. It has influenced me to become my own person. My style is an expression of my personality.

What is your go-to look? Any tip for our readers on how to stay comfortable and chic at the same time?

I have staple pieces in my wardrobe, such as skinny jeans, a formal blazer, white tees and lots of athleisure. Comfortable and chic would be a hoodie with a casual blazer and jeans. I am also obsessed with wool coats for winters, especially in beige. It helps to upgrade a look to smart casual instantly. It is important to just be your own person and embrace your personal style. I am most comfortable when I enjoy what I am wearing. Fashion can really help empower your personality.