Topaz and tourmalines, rhodium and gold, as well as diamonds make sparkling companions for a dazzling life. Shipra Jaiswal of Amizzra jewellery, reveals that fine craftsmanship and distinctive colour stories will always remain fantastical.


Styling and words by DRISHTI VIJ. 

Photographs by PARTH SHARMA.

Model: Ana Paula and Kari from Sara Events and Talent Management Private Ltd.

Studio courtesy: Millionbird, Hauz Khas Village.

Hair and makeup: Babli Ranjan and Kangna Kochhar.

Illustrations by Katyayani Singh.


What are the trends in jewellery this year?

Pairing coloured gemstones with diamonds is in trend, this season. Jewellery designers are increasingly experimenting with rose and black gold to give character to their works. Coloured themes are also very popular. For instance, pink stones have been the rage for this festive season.


What kind of fine stones do you use in the jewellery, you make?

I adore coloured gemstones; they add a character to the jewellery piece. I use green amethysts, purple amethysts, Swiss blue topaz, citrines and tourmalines, among others. I love to mix colours with the diamonds, and see how they can complement each other. I also work with different cuts and shapes in gemstones that are inspired by international designers.


What kind of polishes and cuts, do you incorporate in your styles?

I like to work with contemporary cuts like cushions and baguettes. I also experiment with non-traditional use of coloured rhodium polish and matte gold finish in my pieces. I like uncut diamonds, set in prongs instead of the usual kundan settings.


What is the brand’s ideology?

I am passionate about jewellery. It’s a form of art for me. I create one piece of each design. So when someone wears my pieces, it evokes a feeling of uniqueness. It is this feeling which I converted into the brand Amizzra, which means ‘exclusive’ in Sanskrit. My aim always has been to create contemporary, statement pieces, which people love to wear more often than their traditional pieces. The Amizzra woman is symbolic of elegance in simplicity.


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