Hollywood powerhouse Mila Kunis reveals her fancy for rubies, having a special affection for her grandmom’s ring, her film with Jeff Burton and her favourite, the Fabergé Gypsy bangle.

How was your experience in Zambia, where you visited Gemfields mines?

Gemfields approached me three years ago. I went to visit the emerald mine in Zambia, which was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. I saw exactly how emeralds are mined responsibly, and how Gemfields gives back to the community through building schools and hospitals and generating jobs for local people. I think it’s important today to endorse a brand that you believe in. What made Gemfields different, as compared to supporting just any jewellery brand was the story behind it. I love everything that the company stands for, it’s different, it’s unique and it’s special, and I wanted to be a part of that.

How was it shooting the film with Jeff Burton, and what was the biggest challenge you faced?

Working on the ruby film with Gemfields and Jeff Burton was an amazing experience. I was given the opportunity to try and capture the allure and passion of rubies in an unexpected way. Jeff Burton has such a definitive style, and I believe the film will help inspire a whole new generation to fall in love with rubies-the rarest of gemstones. 


Ian Harebottle, CEO Gemfields, the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, tells us why the dome-shaped cabochon-cut is most popular among the glitterati.

What made you choose Mila as your brand ambassador?

We appointed Mila Kunis as Gemfields’ global brand ambassador because she is a modern, dynamic woman, who is very natural and knows her mind, besides being very beautiful. Her look works across many different markets, from the US to the Middle East and India, and we have found that she resonates with customers globally.

Twenty per cent of the world’s emeralds are supplied by Gemfields from Zambia. What is the most sought-after setting for this stone?

The emerald-cut, rectangular or square with bevelled edges is particularly popular and was specifically developed to show emeralds off to their best advantage, whilst also minimising the risk of fracturing or chipping. However, emeralds are also available in cushion, oval and pear-cuts. Of late, the smooth, dome-shaped cabochon-cut has become popular, so have non-traditional slices and rough cuts.

How have coloured stones taken over the mind space of buyers?

Coloured gemstones have been treasured for eons, yet we have recently lived through a period in which diamonds have dominated the market. However, there has been growing international demand for coloured gemstones by consumers who have a natural, intrinsic love of colour and want to own something unique. There is now far more information available to consumers and more appreciation for the rarity and geological diversity of coloured

gemstones. The increasing presence of gemstones on the red carpet, worn by highly influential global celebrities and featured in fashion magazines has positioned them before a wider consumer audience once again.

You have pursued ethical mining in Zambia. Please elaborate a bit on the same.

We abide by the principles of human rights, as set out at the global level by organisations such as the United Nations. Our responsibilities also extend to our workforce, and we are dedicated to ensuring that no forced or child labour is used, and that human rights are protected in allowing our staff to join unions and collective bargaining agreements.

Our Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique is a relatively young project, however, we have already undertaken a number of community relation projects including the construction of three schools, sports facilities, a village market, a community health centre, road maintenance, and the drilling and installation of two water boreholes for the local villages. A pilot project on local agri-farming programmes has also been rolled out. 

What inspires you about vintage Indian jewellery, patterns, designs and motifs?

The precision in the arrangement of coloured gemstones in gold is one thing that really inspires us about vintage patterns. Inspirations from traditional designs like the Gopuram, jadau and Meenakari has delighted everyone through decades. Motifs like floral patterns are very evident in jadau and uncut gemstones give a luxurious look to the jewellery piece.





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