Former First Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy, a chanteuse, model and author talks about ‘Love’s Paradise’, and flaunting sapphires. She explains why jewels narrate a tale of unbridled romance.

What does Bulgari mean to you?

Bulgari is not just a brand, it’s a legend! It has marked the history of jewellery with such a distinctive style. You hear the name Bulgari and you feel the warmth, the extravagance, the joy and the colours of Rome, of the Dolce Vita. I feel very attached to the Italian roots that Bulgari and I have in common. A jewellery piece should always be something familiar, in which you can recognise yourself, but that also brings you to somewhere unconventional and extraordinary. It’s exactly what I feel with Bulgari’s incredible creativity and it makes my association with the brand so personal.


How do you feel about representing the image of Bulgari?

It makes me very happy and proud. In a way, this fine jewellery house is what I am already familiar with. I feel connected with its romantic history and with an Italian soul which breathes excitement and joy.


What are your favourite stones?

I would definitely say blue sapphires, as they

remind me of the Mediterranean Sea. Blue is such a romantic and mysterious colour! For Bulgari’s gala dinner in Florence, I wore a stunning necklace from the ‘Giardini Italiani’ collection; it was called ‘Love’s Paradise’. The necklace featured the most beautiful sapphire I have ever seen.



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