Rihanna's Valentines Make Up Collection

Rihanna's Valentines Make Up Collection

No more Chocolates, we want Fenty Make Up collection

Fenty beauty by Rihanna announced five new make up launches this love season. Rihanna would follow up her big Stunna Lip Paint news with even more Fenty goodies for us to get our swatch-covered mitts on just in time for Valentines. 

Feel lucky enough that we're getting five new Fenty Beauty products. That math definitely checks out in Fenty fans' favor. Rihanna has not only blessed us all with one new Stunna Lip Paint shade but three. Yes you heard it right. 

Rihanna, the queen of expanding shade ranges, is bestowing upon us extensions to two current product categories. Apart from the Stunna Lip Paint Unlocked in vibrant pink, Fenty has launched two more shades of its long-lasting, highly pigmented liquid lipstick category. We welcome Unattached, a bright coral, modeled after the Pantone Color of the Year, and Undefeated, an eggplant purple that the brand describes as "sultry."

Alongside, the brand has just released two gorgeous new highlighters at the same time.

The Stunna collection are Rihanna’s all time long-wearing liquid lipsticks. They’re all about lots and lots of pigment, and won’t leave your lips feeling desert dry. If you’re looking for statement lip colour, you got to try them right now. So, go have your hands on these delicious new products on Valentines. 

Time to spark your love season 2019.