While strokes of colours like lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes, add stupendous amounts of glam to one’s face, one often tends to miss out on an essential aspect of makeup, which is hiding the flaws on the skin. In expert terminology, it is called camouflage makeup, and we tell you step-by-step how to perfect the art and emerge impeccably gorgeous.

Being Demi Moore or a demi- goddess is perhaps not in your hands, but looking like a dream is! You may not be a born lollapalooza, but don’t underestimate the power of makeup! However, the makeup that is in dialogue right now is really not about adding dollops of colour—when most of the time, one ends up looking either like an artist’s colour palette, a white ghost or an over-baked cake with hideous icing. 


This very pertinent philosophy of life is actually the cornerstone of all kinds of makeup, from the simplest to the heaviest. Remember to thoroughly wash or clean your face and neck with a cleanser and rid it of all the accumulated dust, residual skincare or makeup products used earlier. Next, you should moisturise your face, post-cleansing, so that it is smooth and ready for the makeup ahead.


Primers or primary! Whoever thought of this name, absolutely nailed it. As a result, women who found the product missing in their vanity cases got curious. A large number of people even now think that primers are only used in professional makeup. So, to clear the doubt, (what on earth are primers), the answer is–they actually ready the skin for the tsunami of layers of makeup that are about to hit it. It is the base, (actually, on second thought, primers could also be called foundation) that holds things up and lets them stay for a longer time. Whether you want to even out wrinkles, fill pores and fine lines, mattify the skin—primers do this all, while creating an even base on the skin. Also, primers are usually non-comedogenic, (they do not block pores), so they cause no harm to the skin. They also stand like a thin wall between the skin and other coats of makeup so that they don’t easily seep into the skin. The bottom line: it is always good to start your makeup with a primer. 


This is perhaps a step that most tutorials and beauty bibles omit. For those who do not want to announce, ‘I have used makeup’, spray some rose water or face tonic on a fresh makeup sponge, and clean

the face with the lightness of a feather and you will get a scintillating finish without the layers showing up. Every little flaw is now camouflaged without an iota of unevenness left on your face. Finally, it is advised that you use a dash of colour like a light eyeliner and a lip tint so that only the base does not stand out, or gives an appearance to the face, of a job partially done.

By suggesting you to camouflage, we by no way are hinting that you forget your colours. This is also the exact base for any form of heavy makeup, as you are now ready to add colour to an unblemished skin. Turn on the heat with your eyeshadow, lipstick and blush as you have absolutely ‘photoshopped’ your face. 



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