Oil's Well That Ends Well

By Shivani Dahiya


Entertainer and our Cover girl, Lily Singh has joined hands with Priyanka Chopra to rid you of the sticky nightmares that comes with oiling your hair. If you’re a girl on the go with a longing desire to sport a silky mane, Pantene Oil Replacement is for you. To bring lifeless tresses back to life, oiling has always been an indispensable regime and in most cases irreplaceable. But the long gruelling hours it takes to keep the oil on and avoid stickiness, results in us neglecting our hair altogether. With nourishing oils and Pro-Vitamins and half as much fuss and grease, you don’t have to second guess your hair care choice anymore. What’s more? It’s simple too. Just take a coin size amount, distribute it evenly  on damp or dry hair and voila! #TelKoTelLagao sounds accurate to us.


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