For the Love of Skin

For the Love of Skin

While the world of fashion stands as a trillion dollar industry, its newest friend-skincare is slowly whooping up to a new height of naming itself as a billion dollar market. The sudden popularity and obsession with skincare products know no boundaries. It has evolved into a new leaf, a new industry in itself growing rapidly at an exponential rate and also, were talking about skin regimes, serums, bath salts which are the ultimate happy pills with no societal judgements. Skin care is the newest and growing space in town.

Skincare: The Incoming

The main equation of skincare resonating with the importance of ‘self-soothe’ or ‘self-pamper’ can make anyone go weak on their knees. Although skincare seems like a recent fulfilment stocked in closets, there isn't any indulgence that can’t be traced back to history. It’s a surprise treat to know that the idea of skincare gained major importance in recent years. So, how has skincare evolved into a giant market in a fortnight? We take a walk back into the time of Ancient Egypt. Egyptians were the first to document their skin care practices, followed by the Chinese, Greeks and Romans.  Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to summarise that the history of skin care and cosmetics is as long as the beginning of the civilisation itself.

Fashion & Skincare: The New Mingling

Venturing into new markets has never been a cumbersome journey for an already-in reign brand, especially for luxury fashion brands. It’s almost a cakewalk for them. Fashion and skincare are the newest stars in town. Most luxury fashion houses or designers can’t stop eyeing the potentially-rich global skin-care industry, not even the newest babies. Fenty has already started marching its way with "Fenty Skin," which will cover medicated and non-medicated skin care, soap, body care, and personal care products. Well, who wouldn't want Rihanna to take care of their bodies and skin? I would trust her.

Also, one shouldn't be content just being the ‘best’ in a single field. Hermès is making sure that it provides 360-degree luxury care to everyone. Besides being the best house for Birkin handbags and designer scarves, it has announced that by 2020, it will also be offering skincare and cosmetics. Everyone would love to be indulged in self-pampering products by this revered fashion house.

Be it Yves Saint Laurent or Marc Jacobs or CFDA winner designer Norma Kamali, this world of fashion can’t seem to not have their plates filled with only clothes and shoes. Expansion into skincare seems a necessity.

The Emotional Touch

For fashion houses to move towards a new venture is, somewhat, an easy- sailing process. Any field that automatically connects to the body and physical appeal is an instant hit for such houses. For luxury brands to entice customers to their new house isn't much of a bulk brainwork. Their emotional connection built with their customers leaves an easy window for garnering revenue and love. But, the beauty market is already crowded and to be a top player of this game, one needs to ace both categories- make-up and skincare. This is probably why Kylie Jenner, along with being the beauty market empress, is a billionaire. A well planned game of research and marketing is key here. No one wants their skin to be messed around a zone probably where forgiveness isn't a virtue, not even for luxury fashion houses.

Skincare is the newest bee and getting onboard is what every luxury fashion house is dreaming to achieve.

Story by: Tejashee Kashyap - Intern at L'Officiel India

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.