While eyelash extensions are playing peek-a-boo on the trend-scape, eyelash perming and tinting are the haute buzzwords soaring the curiosity levels of women, who like to experiment with their look. If celebrities like Julianne Moore, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are flaunting them, it is time you said hello to them, too! Only word of advice: be well-versed with what you are getting into.

Any guesses, as to what happened to eyelash extensions? Well, don’t twitch your eyebrows too hard you could end up getting crow’s feet, and that’s not desirable. If you actually could not remember that it was a trend, then it is time for a little bit of memory churning! Eyelash extensions surfaced as this rage that had half of Hollywood’s female actors and top runway models down on their knees, and embracing it instantaneously. Like any other fad that Hollywood and catwalks flaunt, commoners too followed suit, and boom, it spread like wild fire in numerous parts of the privileged world. Somehow, by the time the craze landed in India, its acceptability and popularity plummeted rapidly. Hence, it almost made a blink-and-miss appearance, vanishing from the radar of semi-permanent makeup.


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