Facial Value

By Shivani Dahiya


You wouldn't be shooting for the stars if this New Year, your list of resolutions includes getting your skin that Kira Kira moment. Here to address all your skin woes is the Fluid Facial. 


I pride myself on being a health nut and maintaining a relatively well-rounded lifestyle but when it comes to skincare, I’ll be honest, I am not the most dedicated person.

I do not have curated a regimen for morning or night.

I use a single moisturizer and get on with my day.

Guilty of sleeping in my makeup most of the times as well. 

I have not gotten a complete 8 hours sleep since I was 7.

Neither do I manage to drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

A dermal outlaw, if you may. Since I haven’t seen my skin go through any drastic change except for a blemish here and there, which I thought was human, I didn’t feel the need to evolve from my caveman lifestyle. But that was until I visited the O3+ office for my Fluid Facial appointment. I made my way into what looked like a laboratory. When offered the delicious treats carefully placed on their table, I politely declined and requested for a fruit platter instead. Yes, the irony is not lost on me.

I was then walked through the science behind the fluid facial. To my surprise, a woman’s skin goes through variety of changes in as short a span as a week. Dry during menstruation, deficient in vitamin B & C during the fertile days, dull during the luteal phase and sensitive, a week prior to menstruation, the skin needs to be tackled specifically in its different phases. That’s when the fluid facial comes in. Devised to tackle every skin need, it addresses skin issues ranging from dryness, ageing, loss of nutrients to dullness and sensitivity.

Prior to the treatment, Ms.Priti Singh, Global Skin Expert at O3+, asked me a few basic questions to curate the facial according to the requirements of my skin. I would have never imagined a question as simple as, “What face wash do you use?”, would leave me so confounded. I usually pick up the first thing that I can grab, not quite in sync with my skin type, which too I was not quite sure of. “The green one”, I answered.Opting for an orange over a cupcake earlier today, was starting to look a lot more pretentious to me. My attempts to be healthy were clearly quite superficial.After a few questions, she summarised her assessment. She concluded my skin type to be dry with oil deposition in specific areas and chose the OligoMineral Fluid Facial Treatment to balance sebum production and control breakout.

After being escorted to the facial room, she scanned my skin with an ultrasonic wand, to show me the problem areas on a monitor. My skin was dehydrated with oil pockets and plenty of dead cells to awaken. For someone with a fairly clear complexion, I wasn’t quite expecting this result.Fair women are often confused to be blessed with healthy skin, but that is not the case.Born with a pale skin, I didn’t realise it was possible to alter its quality or simply put, to glow.

A six fold procedure, Fluid Facial is a high impact, ‘SUPER FOOD’ for the skin, it combines the goodness of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Working on the principle of layering different kinds of fluids, all targeting specific concerns, the process makes sure all the fluids reach the deepest of layers. Executed with an Oxy Jet Spray, it includes high impacts agents like ascorbic brassion, Amino 11, C 11, and Beta. The oxygen injected(without needles) into the skin helps promote collagen and elastin production while hydrating and reviving your skin.

The process begins with a light layer of the Protex Fluid followed by a Sulphur mask to remove the excess oil from the skin. With the KLC Restore fluid, Oligo Element and Oligo Cream it helps cleanse, exfoliate and tone subsequently stimulating and lifting the skin. The facial is finished with either mould mask or mask capsule.It gives your skin that tautness, and glow without any of the residual redness. The session was concluded with a quick scan with the ultrasonic wand to ensure the skin is hydrated and free of oil. While a traditional facial ends in 60-90 minutes, this process continues for 6 days post the treatment with a handy home care kit. For the first time I decided to be disciplined and followed the 6 day regime post the facial. I started my morning with a cleanser followed with a C11 fluid followed with a sunbock for 3 days and came back and washed my face before hitting the sheets. The realization that skin being the largest organ of the body is also often the most neglected was dawning on me slowly but surely. For the next 3 days, my morning regime involved a cleanser with spf and at night, I applied the Beta C fluid after washing my face.

I know it worked when my friend asked me what highlighter I was wearing. I wasn’t.


Shivani Dahiya
Beauty Writer

Shivani Dahiya is a Beauty Writer at L'Officiel India. She enjoys sartorial satire and french fries with a tall glass of @dietprada.