Dare To Bare

The mother daughter trio brings forth the idea of minimalism in makeup.

Let’s go nude and get real. The mother daughter trio brings forth the idea of minimalism in makeup.

For some, wearing makeup can be a source of relaxation and boosting self-esteem, for others, it’s a chore, one which can take a real toll on a modern day woman. She is a career driven mother and a student, who is always looking forward to become a better version of herself, everywhere possible. We have always craved beauty to be easy, fast and natural. There is so much to do from lips to hair and a woman needs to be all prepped up before stepping out of the house for her ever ending mundane working routine. But to look radiant and dazzling every day seems to be an accomplishment in itself.

We speak to Sephora experts, Jenny Frankel, President  & Founder NudeStix and Taylor Frankel, Chief Inspiration Officer NudeStix on their visit to India, to help you up your makeup game and look the most natural and minimal version of yourself. Edited excerpts: 

Tell us about your latest collection launched in India. What is your beauty and make up trend for 2019?

We are so excited to be launched here India. Nude Stix is originally from Toronto, Canada, it has been about four years now. We launched our bestselling eyes and lips in the fall, and right now we are launching oliver concealers and award winning brow products that are so easy and multi-tasking. That’s what we are all about, easy and fast-to-go collection. We have concealers, brows, eye pencils in about 20 shades, between mattes and luminous. We have over 20 shades of lips from the most luxurious mattes to the creamiest lip colours.

For women professionals on the go, which products are suitable?

The modern day woman has everything, but one thing that she does not have is ‘time’. So, we wanted to create a collection that is suitable for her on-the-go lifestyle. With nude stix, all you women can slip in an extra 10 minutes, you can draw and smudge, with no brushes and tools needed. Everything is super multi-functional and easy to use.

Any skincare regime you would like to recommend people?

We are really obsessed with skincare. Our go-to products right now are probably Doctor Jart’s ceramidin cream. It’s truly, deeply and highly hydrating for your skin. "Vena perfect serum, keeps me going while I travel", says Taylor. We love Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for the lips to protect from the cold Canadian winters. Trips really exfoliate our skin, for that we have this secret brand called Dr. G Mentor. It’s a chemical exfoliation system that peels away dead skin. Also, good sleep and lots of water is the key to keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

What is your stand on Indian beauty market? What do you think of Indian skin and the makeup that Indian women prefer?

It’s really interesting, as we are from Toronto, that has a huge Indian population and is among the most multi-cultural cities in the world. Women in Canada come from India, South East Asia, Europe, therefore, the products were already pre thought off because of the diverse skin tones of the world. India also has diverse skin tone ranges and, we think we have been able to really appeal to the Indian women from a colour perspective.We are now present in 130 countries globally.

What is your take on the online retail of make up? It seems difficult for a buyer to choose the right shade when it comes to online shopping.

Our online market is very popular. The age ranges from 18-35 years that comprises of mostly a digital shopper. A lot of times, shoppers love to research online, going to store, mix products from online and finally decide to make a purchase. So, you need online and offline both. Also, we are so content driven, whether it is Facebook or Instagram. So, we strongly believe in educating audience, about how to pick a shade, how to apply a product or how not to apply.

Tell us your favourite picks from the brand and why?

We are launching the all-in-one, double ended eyebrows stick in May. Its super multi-tasking. You can use the tip to fill in the gaps, the edge to define the shape and, the broad to colour it in. The other end comes with a waterproof setting gel to put it in place. It can literally replace a powder, pencil and gel.

Would you like to associate with someone as your brand ambassador?

We would love to be associated with Priyanka Chopra Jonas.