Call of Beauty

Vacation on the cards? While you prepare your travel itinerary, Soul Tree has prepared a handy packing checklist ready for you, just in time. Making its way to your beauty travel kit is their natural and eco-friendly travel kits offering a wide range of skin care and hair essentials. These selections offer natural care, free of chemicals for all your travel needs. Be it a resort in the midst of nature, or a relaxing holiday by the beach, you know you’re keeping environmental friendly. 

If your vacation is looking like a hilly retreat, be sure to pack yourself some honey to soothe your skin. But before you start dreading the sticky mess, we have a handy solution. The Indian rose face wash and the apricot moisture, all come infused with rich honey to keep your skin hydrated and the hands that did all the grappelling, super soft.  

If you are headed out to a beach, don't forget some sun protection. But we are not offering you an average sunblock, this comes with the added goodness of aloe vera and green tea. The Pure rose toning mist, lotus and kokum lip balm, licorice hair repair shampoo and cooling vetiver shower gel are absolute beach bag too! 

Coming in small and big travel pouches, these kits ensure you travel light. What’s more? They also bring a curated range of all natural bath care, face cleansers and much needed hair care. 


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