Bungle in the Jungle

By Shivani Dahiya


Celebrating the power of the Amazon wilderness, The Body Shop and UK’s renowned tattoo artists, Saira Hunjan have joined hands to add to the list of offerings, Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm. Having stamped the likes of Kate Moss and Jude Law, ‘The girl with the golden needle’ as she’s now called, developed the distinctive label for the packaging inspired by the Amazonian flora and fauna. True to her signature style, through butterflies and peacocks, she captures the essence of the jungle by her vivid use of colours and pattern including the foliage such as the babassu kernels, one of the key components of the balm. Derived from just nine ingredients and not to forget, ethically sourced and all natural, the balm comes in handy to hit refresh on your new ink and preserve your old one. But don’t get us wrong, it’s not just for tattoo enthusiasts alone. The oil rich texture works just as miraculously if your skin has been feeling parched lately. Amazonian communities have banked on their potent ingredients to cure wounds and skin marks for centuries. Rich in lipids, Organic Andiroba Oil and Community Trade Organic Babassu Oil help soothe dry and itchy skin while the Community Trade Beeswax helps retain the moisture. And in order to give back to Mother Nature that has so generously rendered its resources, the proceeds from the Amazonian Saviour Balm would further propel the bio-bridges project for a sustainable livelihood and protection of endangered species. Do you need any more reasons to hoard this creamy balm?


Pro Tip: use it for chapped lips or dry cuticles and watch your flaky woes go right out the window!


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