Body-Mind Balance

Style guru Pia Pauro is often inspired by the unconventional—from the indigenous tribes of the Arizona desert to spunky African prints. But she doesn’t like adventure in her makeup cabinet as she tells L’Officiel, ‘ less is more’. Which is your favourite spa treatment?The Balinese massage at the Imperial Hotel, Janpath—it is fantastic for the body and mind. The oils and products they use are soothing, and the techniques help relax your senses. After the daily hustle and bustle between my studio and buyers, this massage is my go-to treatment to de-stress and unwind. What works for you—natural or made up?The golden rule of keeping makeup as natural as possible resonates with my choices. For my cheeks and lips, I like to use Benefit Tints; it lasts for hours and gives my face a natural glow. Sometimes, if I want that pop of colour, I like to use M.A.C’s Coral lipstick, and along with that I like to use a M.A.C bronzer for a sun-kissed look. Even Shahnaz Husain’s herbal black kohl is perfect because of its natural ingredients. What’s your detox?I fast once a week and also exercise on a regular basis. But for me, meditation works best. It restores my mind and body to a place of harmony and unity with my true nature. When going on a detox, I do not drink or smoke.One beauty product that you do share with your husband.Diptyque fragrance is one product that both I and my husband love. 


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