There’s nothing more sensational and glamorous than metallic makeup. However, there are few tips you should follow before you go ahead and apply it to your face. The idea is to portray subtle shimmer and not look like a gilded statue. 

Gold, silver, bronze, copper and the multiple hues; crème, dust, liquid or sparkles–metallic makeup keeps playing hide-and-seek on the trend-scape. Sometimes, we hail it and sometimes we hate it, but come autumn-winter, and metallic makeup makes a comeback. Each season, makeup brands across the globe release new colours and textures of metallic makeup, and experimentalists and makeup artists embrace them, unveiling a whole range of styles. Usually, there are two fundamentals to metallic makeup-either walk the path of subtlety, or go all guns blazing with metallic power. The former with its

simple appeal is perfect or low-risk for all your makeup moments, the latter is better when seen on catwalks and galas. We revisit trends-some evergreen and some new ones that would let metallic makeup bounce back with a shine.


Gold in all its glory is also a colour of confidence, apart from being the epitome of glitter. While it goes particularly well with Indian styles, internationally it is a celebrated trend on the ramp and has been sported by celebrities at various galas. Contrary to popular belief that gold is restrictive and loud, it is rather versatile and is available in several shades to choose from. 


These shades have been best friends with lips for decades now and never go out of vogue. These are two shades that are not restrictive, and women across the age spectrum, depend on these colours to jazz up their glamour quotient. These shades are perfect for women, who prefer only lipsticks for makeup. Just colour the pout, and these shades can turn a dull look into fab in minutes. You could also use them on the eyes and as blushes; if done well, it can add a new dimension to your face.


When it comes to other colours, bright tones, especially blues, purples, oranges and greens, such as blues, purples, oranges and greens are a rage in makeup. Here again, either you match a shade with what you are donning or play with contrasts. 


Remember the key for all shades of metallics; apply one layer for a subtle sheen and more layers for a solid metallic look. 

On the eyelid, apply a thick stroke of gold metallic eyeshadow and one line under your lower lashline, and then finish of the look with black eyeliner and mascara.

Take an eye glacé or dust and put about two medium dots in the centre on the lower eyelid and on the centre of the eyelid to get an ethereal gold embellished look. Finish it with a black or gold eyeliner and mascara.

Gold lipsticks are in. Either use a gold stick or a creamy gold tone on your lips. If you want a graphic effect, put a slightly darker shade of a lip liner. 



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