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Unleashing The Supersport Obsession

Unleashing The Supersport Obsession

Meet Cruisers That Can Defy Expectations, Blending Retro Aesthetics With Modern Performance. Hop On, Twist The Throttles, And Let The Symphony Of Power And Style Take You On An Unforgettable Journey.

Independent by nature, bikers select two-wheelers that are reflective of their personality and individual style. And, we know that choosing the top motorcycles of all time would be highly subjective and polarizing. But there’s been some amazing motorcycles churned out by the world’s leading manufacturers since the beginning of this year.

Thus, bikes have gone from almost totally analog to rolling computers, and there’s been a level of innovation the likes of which has never been experienced before within the industry. Out of this field, there are a few latest newbies that deserved to be called out. And we’ve cobbled together the latest picks, so hang on, we’re going for a ride! Let’s see if your top two-wheeler makes our list?


Unleashing The Supersport Obsession

The Ducati Diavel for Bentley is a limited-edition motorcycle that pays homage to Bentley’s most powerful production car ever, the Bentley Batur. Developed around the technical base of the Diavel V4, this exclusive collaboration resulted in a masterpiece on two wheels. The Diavel for Bentley features an innovative and exclusive design inspired by the elegant lines of the Batur. Its scarab green colour, reminiscent of traditional British racing cars, adds sophistication to this model.

Limited to just 500 units, the Diavel for Bentley boasts a 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine with 168 horsepower, ensuring ample power for exhilarating rides. When parked alongside a Batur, the collaboration between Bentley and Ducati designers is evident, with shared elements like the grille pattern and custom-forged rims.

The Diavel features design elements borrowed from the Batur, such as the red-on-black diamond grille pattern on the side air intakes and the central rib on the front mudguard. These custom-forged rims mimic the Batur’s design well. At the heart of the Diavel for Bentley lies the V4 Granturismo engine. This engine is powerful, delivering significant torque, yet it remains light, compact, and extremely smooth. It’s also highly usable at low rpm, making it an exhilarating ride for enthusiasts.



The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is a harmonious blend of retro cool, sporty performance, and all-day comfort. Let’s dive into the details of this intriguing two-wheeler. At first glance, the Shotgun 650 exudes classic charm. Its bobber-inspired design features a minimalist silhouette, with a low-slung stance, wide handlebars, and a single-seat setup.

Shotgun 650 surprises riders with its agility and spirited performance. Developed by Royal Enfield in collaboration with ex-Triumph engineers, this cruiser handles twisty canyon roads with ease. Its neutral handling, surefootedness, and effortless cornering make it a joy to ride. The steel backbone chassis, based on the Super Meteor 650, provides stability, while twin rear shocks soak up bumps without compromising control. Powering the Shotgun 650 is a 648cc parallel-twin air oil-cooled engine.

It churns out 47.65 PS at 7250 rpm and 52 Nm of torque at 5650 rpm, and six speed gearboxes with a slip-and-assist clutch ensures smooth shifts. Ceat tubeless tires (100/90 x 18 front, 150/70 x 17 rear) provide ample dry grip, allowing confident leans into corners. The front 320mm disc and twin-piston caliper offer adequate braking, but it’s the rear 300mm disc with its monstrous stopping power that truly impresses. The dual-channel ABS ensures safety during hard stops.


3. BMW R 1300 GS

The 2024 BMW R 1300 GS is the successor to the iconic R 1250 GS, this touring enduro takes adventure riding to new heights. BMW Motorrad embarked on a six-year journey to create the R 1300 GS, starting two years before the R 1250 GS hit the market. The result? It boasts a new 1,300cc flat-Twin boxer engine. Displacement increased from 1,254cc to 1,300cc, achieved through a larger bore and a shorter stroke.

The latest engine features 44 mm intake valves and 35.6 mm exhaust valves, which represent a notable increase compared to the previous engine’s 44.0 mm intake and 34 mm exhaust valves. With 145 horsepower and over 96 lb-ft of torque available across the rev range, this engine delivers exhilarating performance. Shift Cam variable valve timing, DOHC, and air/liquid cooling ensure optimal power delivery.

But this model sheds weight while enhancing stability. The all-new aluminium frame contributes to its agility, making it a breeze to handle both on-road and off. The optional Headlight Pro illuminates the road with an LED matrix, enhancing visibility and aesthetics. But that’s not all—the R 1300 GS also features radar-based safety systems. Adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and collision warning keep you safe while exploring the unknown.



The Ténéré 700 double-cradle frame provides a whopping 204mm of ground clearance—enough to tackle boulders and river crossings. Beneath that rugged exterior lies the beating heart of the Ténéré 700: the 689cc parallel-twin engine borrowed from its street-savvy sibling, the MT-07. This powerplant churns out 72.4 bhp and 68 Nm of torque, enough to propel you across continents or up a steep mountain pass.

When it comes to ADV options, sub-500 cc dual-sport machines may not be ideal for long-distance highway riding, but they offer advantages off-road due to their smaller size, lighter weight, and greater manoeuvrability. While, the updated instrument panel offers two distinct layouts: Explorer and Street. The Explorer layout provides information more relevant for off-road adventures, while the Street layout closely resembles traditional motorcycle gauges. Additionally, the Ténéré 700 features smartphone connectivity through Yamaha’s Y-Connect app.

Also, one of the standout features for riders, is the customizable anti-lock braking system (ABS). Building the Ténéré 700 to tailor their ABS settings, so that riders can choose to keep ABS active, disable it for the rear wheel only, or turn it off entirely. Two other notable additions are the new LED turn signals (complete with front marker lights) and an optional quick shifter for clutch-less upshifts (though downshifts require manual input). These enhancements contribute to the Ténéré 700’s rider-friendly features.



The MY24 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, clad in “Lime Green” and “Metallic Graphite Gray,” possesses 636cc liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine, pushing boundaries with every twist of the throttle. With 128 bhp and 69 Nm of torque, it’s a rocket on two wheels, propelling riders into a realm where time bends and speed becomes a tangible force. The MY24 Ninja ZX-6R wears its lineage proudly. Inspired by its elder sibling, the Ninja ZX-10R, it boasts all-new styling that commands attention.

The front cowling, intricately layered and sculpted, houses piercing LED headlights that cut through the night like twin laser beams. The sporty windshield adds an edge, promising aerodynamic prowess even at triple-digit speeds. Inside the cockpit, a 4.3-inch TFT colour instrumentation greets the rider. It’s not just a display; it’s a portal to a digital universe.

Dual 310mm front discs, gripped by radial mounted 4-piston monobloc callipers, bringing the ZX-6R to a halt with surgical precision. Whereas, the braking system consists of twin 310mm discs at the front, equipped with radially mounted callipers, and a 220mm disc at the rear ensuring effective braking performance. It has always been considered an easy-to ride 600cc-class motorcycle, serving as a stepping stone for riders transitioning from 400cc bikes to 1000cc-class motorcycles.



Harley-Davidson, known for its success in the Moto America King of the Baggers race series, has introduced the 2024 CVO Road Glide ST—a tribute cruiser celebrating last year’s championship-winning race bikes. Positioned as the flagship model in the CVO lineup, this bike is touted by Harley as “the quickest, fastest, and most-sophisticated performance bagger” they’ve ever produced. While not a factory race bike, the CVO Road Glide ST comes remarkably close. It features the Milwaukee-Eight 121 High Output V-twin engine, fully adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes, and electronically controlled ride modes that allow riders to customize their experience.

Here, the “ST” designation hints at the bike’s performance intent, and includes a more potent version of the Milwaukee Eight 121 engine, electronic rider aids, and a bold new styling. The engineers at Harley Davidson have meticulously crafted this two-wheeled marvel, with a thunderous 127 horsepower and a jaw-dropping 145 lb.-ft. of torque—the kind that makes your pulse race and your knuckles turn white. Speaking of weight, the CVO ST flaunts an 800-pound dry weight—a feat akin to balancing a feather on a razor’s edge. As 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of the CVO series, it features a Screamin’ Eagle graphic on the fairing sides and fuel tank, while CVO 25th Anniversary graphics celebrate the series’ milestone.

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