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Keeping An Eye On The Past: 2000-2011 Beauty Trends!

Keeping An Eye On The Past: 2000-2011 Beauty Trends!

Each Decade Represented A Different Period In History And Here Are 2000s Celebrated Beauty Trends. As We Have Surged In Searches Making 2000-2011 And Found Brighter And More Sparkling — Well, At Least When It Comes To Makeup. Don’t Believe Us? Check Yourself!

Fashion and beauty trends have always been cyclical. The past few years reflected a lot of trends from the ‘70s and ‘80s, so it’s no surprise to see that the ‘90s and 2000s are having their moment in time once again. And thanks to the beauty pros responsible for the best iterations of these looks, there’s no shortage of modern, wearable ways to pull the trends off.

Some are classics, like the perennially chic, while others are more unexpected. Ahead, we have break down the best nostalgic beauty trends — and exactly how to wear them and beyond. Dig in!


Keeping An Eye On The Past: 2000-2011 Beauty Trends!

You can’t think of early aughts makeup trends without immediately envisioning shiny, glossy lips. The 90s and early 00s – no doubt boosted by the phasing-out of masks – shiny lips are the beauty detail to focus on this spring, seen on catwalks to every award show. Originally, the product was associated with high glamour – it’s thought to have been invented around 1928, and became popular in the movie industry in the 30s. “It was called lip pomade.” Later, in the 70s and 80s – when roll-on lip gloss became the beauty accessory to flash – it worked with a disco aesthetic, where shine and glitter were essential for a dancefloor-ready look.



J. Lo’s glowy skin still remains a major trend, but in the ‘00s, it was less about contouring and defining and more about highlighting (think: matte foundation with a couple sweeps of warm powder). Thus, dewy glowy skin found a special place in all of our hearts, a matte but glowy complexion became all the rage in the early 2000s. This finish could be music to the ears of oily skin types everywhere, but really anyone can sport the trend. As it’s everything whipped, lightweight texture that blurs pores, conceals blemishes, mattifies and evens skin tone — all in one makeup trend while blessing you with the glow. That’s when, the red carpet shone with glowy-skinned celebs who relied on a little dewy foundation, a swipe of highlighter, and probably a few good skincare products to achieve their radiance.



Back in the 2000s, people weren’t as strategic with blush placement as they are now. But with the revival of nostalgic, Y2K trends, people don’t need to be as precious with placement anymore. From the sunburn effect to the lifted look, several different blush methods have gained traction as of late. And, one in particular has seemingly caught the attention of makeup artists: a bright, rosy application on the centre of the cheeks. While some of the other trending blush looks are carefully swept on to look as natural as possible, this classic method is all about a liberal application applied directly on the apples of the cheeks. The result is a playful, youthful effect that was beloved by celebs in the early aughts, sporting full pink cheeks. To achieve the look, follow the age-old rule: smile, and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks.



Take a look at any early aughts red carpet and you’re bound to find at least one bright blue eyeshadow look. The colour was a favourite of celebs like Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and Beyoncé, and has recently also been spotted on stars like Lupita Nyong’o, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa. We feel people were gravitating towards this colour because life would have got pretty bleak, and blue eyeshadow is a party on your face. So, if you’re ready to give the trend a try, we would recommend starting out small and using blue shadow as eyeliner before you graduate to a full-lid look. Using a creamy eyeshadow as a base before layering on the blue colour with a precision brush can bring a sense of whimsy and fun to your look.



After matte lips reigned supreme for the better part of a decade, the glossy, defined lip looks that dominated the late ‘90s and early 2000s have also returned. After all, high-contrast lip liner has been a popular style for a while. In our opinion, the rise of this trend is a celebration of cultures and a celebration of a lip look that has been considered beautiful for years. You see, concealed lips were a big beauty trend back in the mid-00s, and the best way to achieve the look – line with a brown or nude pencil before following up with a long-wearing gloss, oil or balm, and you’re done. So, brace your poutier look while enhancing the shape of your lips.



Forget about the full, brushed-up brows of 2020—the early ‘00s focused heavily on pencil-thin arches. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that skinny brows had their major moment. While thick, full brows dominated for the past decade, the thin, high-arched look previously favoured by stars. While the style is undoubtedly trending, it’s also divisive — and something of a commitment. Because brows are so important visually and they are the most transformative feature on the face. However, if you don’t want to actually pluck your eyebrows thinner, we would suggest just filling them in with the Shadow + Brow Pigment in a lighter shade, creating a shape that is narrower than your natural brow.



While many experts were predicting the return of full, vibrant shades for makeup trends, another colour family has been experiencing a serious surge as of late: neutrals. Specifically, brown hues reminiscent of the looks worn by ‘90s stars as there are several ways to deploy the trend, but one of our favourite takes is a subtle monochromatic brown look. The hero of this glam is a soft brown smokey eye, which is best applied without caution. Because with the rise of ‘90s nostalgic makeup, people aren’t taking application as seriously. Specifically, we’re seeing a bit of a messier, more rebellious placement that’s less focused on symmetry. To achieve this, lining your eyes with Liner then smudge it out with the tip of finger, so it’s not so crisp and perfect. Opt for bronzer on the cheeks instead of blush to keep things monochromatic, and finish off with a brown lipstick, liner or gloss.



If there was ever an opportunity to wear brightly coloured eyeliner, an early aughts red carpet was definitely it. Celebs usually picked a colour that matched their chunky accessories, like this teal eyeliner look from Rihanna. From teal to magenta, coloured eyeliner provides an easy way to spice up your makeup. You can add a subtle pop of colour to your inner corner or create bold cat-eye look—the possibilities are truly endless with coloured eyeliner to add vibrancy without going over the top. Just amp up the drama, by pairing a vibrant teal or an equally vibrant cobalt blue eyeliner? All in all, it’s all about looking beyond cool and unique.



Seen on the lips of some global powerhouses, from Emmeline Pankhurst to Marilyn Monroe, the history of red lipstick is as rich as the pigments in your favourite shades. Perhaps just as scandalous, too. Being the lip marvel that always gets lips talking, this glamorous lip colour has earned its status, and the secrets behind it are enduring appeal. Although we saw a myriad of lip colours on display back in the 2000s, but brick red was definitely an early 00s beauty staple. From Xtina to Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson and all your other fave fashion icons defined this warm, slightly brown brick-red shade by pairing it with every look (including barely-there brows, it seems). It makes sense, though — this kind of colour is wearable on most skin tones, and packs a punch without being intensely bold as bright as red.



Talk about a hot night-out makeup look – Mila Kunis’ smouldering eye makeup shies away from raccoon territory thanks to the touches of silver and grey mixed in. Key to her style are her sultry cat-like eyes. And it’s easy to create a staple smokey eye just like hers that will take you from day to night. Simply follow our steps and pair with nude lips and groomed brows like the effortlessly stylish Mila… For a more dramatic evening look build on top of your day base with shimmering eyeshadows in night time shades. The metallic effect of this high-shine powder will look fantastic blended against the matte shadow used earlier. To frame your eye shape line with a gel eyeliner rather than a pencil for a long lasting and more defined effect with a thin tipped brush for precision application, make sure that your cat-eyed flicks are in perfect place. And go for something lighter than your regular lippy – that are sheer once applied but can be layered for a fuller pout.



If you ask us, when crystals were discovered, our answer is definitely the 2000s. Rhinestones and pearls, added to colourful eyeshadow or glitter eyeliner, brings an ethereal element and elevation of drama to the look; overall creating a more unique result. The idea is to play with the types of crystals—sizes, models, colors—and choosing different regions around your eyes and face to apply them. You can create an outline, drop appearance, shadow effect, among many other options when utilizing rhinestones. After all, creativity has been at the icon’s disposal when incorporating crystals. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the versatility! Allow the jewel to dry a few seconds and then place it where you desire. To make the crystals last throughout the day, make sure you aren’t skimping out on the glue. Be sure to cover the majority of the base of the jewel with adhesive.

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