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Potato Chips, But Make It Fashionable!

Potato Chips, But Make It Fashionable

We’re Guessing What The Design Brief Balenciaga Had In Mind While Creating Its New ‘Lay’s Bag’ Was. To Resemble An Actual Lay’s Chips Packet, With Its Instantly Identifiable Colours And Graphics? Yes, Of Course, It Has Caused A Stir On Social Media. Find Below How!

Balenciaga extends its collection of Lays snacks or chips with another bag in the form of a Savory clutch, but this time in a very lip smacking version, getting into the gastronomic trend of the moment. The Spanish Luxury fashion brand reportedly collaborated with the American chips produced for the bag that is more like a hand-clutched purse, which has been showcased and comes in three different colourways or “flavours”: yellow for cheese and onion, red for chilli pepper, and blue for salt and vinegar — the actual colours of Lay’s potato chips packets for different flavours.

Yes folks, they once again transformed ‘trash’ into high fashion, as a further representation of an anti-capitalist ode to consumption, of which this new ‘150g’ luxury item made of leather, sealed by a zip at the top, is now a part.

Potato Chips, But Make It Fashionable

The bag, which is meant to look like a crumpled, nearly empty container of chips, is actually made of glossy calfskin. While the flavours of the bags may correspond to real-life chips, the price point is decidedly higher—a single chip bag by Balenciaga will set you back by a whopping price.

This tongue-in-cheek accessory is yet another example of Balenciaga creative director Demna’s unique sense of humour when it comes to fashion; in the past. He has appropriated the design of Ikea bags, making their famous plastic shopping bags into nearly identical, albeit high-end leather totes and spoofed Bernie Sanders’ campaign logos into Balenciaga branding, and how to forget the trash bag! One thing’s for certain—this Balenciaga bag made the MET Gala red carpet much more delicious.

No stroke of madness. Michael Shannon was simply fulfilling his duties as a loyal Balenciaga fan by showing off the brand’s Chips Bag in the yellow colourway at the MET Gala. Cheese and onion flavour is one of the three foods that too banned from the Met Gala menu. If someone then has the unfortunate idea of questioning the relevance of the look to the theme of “The Garden of Time”, think about it for a moment: what better place to enjoy a bag of chips than a splendid garden?

We’re joking. It was simply a Balenciaga bag. If you want such a crisp bag in your closet, go for it!

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