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Snaking Marquetry Comes to Life

Snaking Marquetry Comes to Life

Imagine Waking Up From Bed And Looking At The Dragon Head Dial. Sounds Terrifying? Let Us Brace You With Your Most Terrifying Dream!

In the world of haute horlogerie, certain timepieces rise above the rest as true objets d’art. On the contrary, unique watches boldly break from convention, and to dare to be different, they end up with weird designs. In turn, this result in drawing the eye and igniting passion, sparking conversation whenever they grace the wrist. And the watch we encountered can simply make you look twice.

We came across the Hublot brand, and what surprised us was the brand’s approach, making its watch appealing enough that it looked stuffed. Our pick is none other than – Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon, which distinguished itself as a complete effort that could hold its ground and exude nothing but a dragon. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable work of Chinese paper artist Chen Fenwan, the brand aimed at crafting a watch that truly embodies the spirit of the dragon.

Snaking Marquetry Comes to Life

The entire experience is transfixing: you’ll be tilting the watch to see the shadows of each layer and examine every curve and element. Well, the skeletonized movement, visible through the dial and case back, is considered by the brand as a “work of art”. However, this complex art can pose challenges during servicing due to the intricate design.

Such a bold dragon motif timepiece might appeal to some, but many individuals prefer a more minimalist or classic design. Thus, personal taste plays a significant role in appreciating and adding this watch to your wish list. As users find it challenging to read the time against the matte dragon pieces, especially when they brushed the finish off, so the hands blend into the dial.

There would be many moments when it is hard to read against the matte dragon pieces, as the brand might have gone with at least some polishing to allow users to catch the light and contrast the texture of the dial. Ultimately, in terms of timepieces, it’s all about finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality for preferences.

And looking at this watch, if you ask us, it might not seamlessly transition into formal or everyday wear. So, our words of wisdom would be – consider your wardrobe and lifestyle before investing!

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