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Moschino Toy 2 Pearl – Herb Melting In Pearl!

Moschino Toy 2 Pearl - Herb Melting In Pearl!

The Fragrance We Got For You Will Insist You In Recollecting The Most Adored Mediterranean Herb. Don’t Believe Us? Check Yourself!

We have encountered Toy 2 Pearl, the latest flanker in Moschino’s Toy Fragrance series, so let’s dissect this fragrant cosmos and explore its intricate layers. With undoubtingly demonstrating boundary-pushing scent development in two ways: an unconventional, out-of-template design that jeopardies commercial audience aversion and balances that material idea to stay just shy of flagrant recognition thresholds for most people smelling it. Having top notes as Lemon Sorbet and Oregano; middle notes as Sand, Freesia and Jasmine; and base notes are Musk, Cypress and Vetiver.

If you ask us, taking the oregano out of Toy 2 Pearl, this is another citric fruity-floral musk. We are not as sure about pearlescence as oregano’s symptom. Actually, what’s so fascinating and shrewd about Toy 2 Pearl’s construction is that the oregano acts like a second-life multiverse mirroring the movements of the primary act’s action.

Moschino Toy 2 Pearl - Herb Melting In Pearl!

In cosmos one, we transition from tart shards of icy lemon and orange crystals through to the juicy, white-wine dryness of pearl, watery frill of freesia, light-brew bitterness of jasmine, and end on ethereal woody musk. In cosmos two, compromised solely of oregano (imagine the aroma of fresh oregano leaves), we start with tight splinters of lime zest and mountain air before journeying across cucumber oozing aquatic zeal, a frenzied and furious shimmer of green and black pepper, landing on incense-smoked tea leaves.

It’s the same equation but processed with different laws of gravity; the same body, slithering in doubled simultaneity. One world is sequenced through many material parts that offer their own ornamental tributaries (jasmine’s banana, vetiver’s nut), whilst the other world is comprised of one sun that emits flurries of distracting energy (like basil, oregano showcases so many more facets whilst fresh rather than cooked).

Well, believe it or not but once you smell the oregano, it’s too hard to get it out of your mind! It made us think of pizza, pasta sauce, and roasted meat. Very savoury, mundane, warm, and in stark contrast of luscious lemons and oregano. Yes, you read it right! Oregano here serves as memento mori more than menace, evoking moody-musty autumn leaves with the sepia dye of ephemera and decay. That being said, it’s styled as a judicious innovation with herbs!

Here, we rest our case for now, but if you’re someone who’s smitten by oregano and adores “teddy bear-shaped-fragrance.” You just found your herbmate!

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