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Fashion Icon, Michael Lombard In Action

Meet the name that resonates like a regal echo: Michael Lombard, aka “The King of Leather.”  In a world full of trends that come and go, his reign is one that’s destined to endure.

Team Credits:

Clothing and Accessories: Michael Lombard

Photographers; Bethoven Filomeno & Bill Lee

Hair and Makeup Artist: Darwin Perez

Talent: Schirin Thoma & Michael Lombard

Assistants: Cinthia Orellana & Anja Thoma

With a flair for the dramatic and an eye for detail sharper than a bespoke needle, Michael Lombard didn’t just break through the fashion scene; he bulldozed his way in, leaving a trail of awe-inspired whispers and dropped jaws. From sleek leather jackets that make you feel like a rockstar to luxurious handbags that exude elegance, every piece bearing the Lombard insignia tells a story. We’re back in conversation with the king of leather ruling the fashion scene at the moment. Keep reading for fun insights!

Can you share a bit about your creative process when designing a new collection? How do you harness your unique vision and translate it into tangible pieces?

My creative process is I think of a direction I want to go with and then I implement it by sketching and designing from my thought process.

Let’s play a quick round of this or that:

Avant-garde runway or intimate fashion show? Definitely an intimate solo fashion show

Couture gown or avant-garde jumpsuit? Avant-garde jumpsuit.

If you had to describe your design philosophy in just three words, what would they be, and why?

Modern, daring, and intriguing. I think that when I’m designing I want to captivate people with creativity and modern clean lines and be daring with what I create in fashion.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind one of your most memorable runway presentations?

I’ve done over 50 shows but one of my most memorable was the show I did in New Delhi India when I had 5 Harley Davidson motorcycles on the runway and each one was started on the runway by myself and my models. It was a memorable moment.

Is there a dream collaboration you’d love to pursue, whether with another designer, brand, or artist?

Yes, I would love to collaborate with Louis Vuitton x Michael Lombard. But I’m actually in talks to collaborate with another huge brand to do a limited joint collection. So stay tuned.

Share some details about your upcoming collections, what should we expect?

Definitely more fire with experimental designs that push the envelope in fashion.

One piece of advice for all fresh talents out there wanting to make a mark in the fashion industry?

Just be true to yourself. There are a lot of snakes and fake people that will approach you. Just stay focused on your goals.

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