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Get To Know Everything About Steve Aoki’s Electrifying Beats & Unstoppable Energy!

Get To Know Everything About Steve Aoki's Electrifying Beats & Unstoppable Energy!

Our Hommes Cover Star’s live performances are nothing less than electric storms. His crowds surfed like a rock god, transmuting chaos into catharsis, and sweat into stardust.

Team Credits:
Talent: Steve Aoki @steveaoki
Photography: Dalong Yang @dalongdalong
Production: Cory Couture Production @corycoutureproductions
Jolie Nguyen @jolienguyennofficial
Styling: Steven Doan @stevendoanstyle
Hair: Chatchawan Sotonvong
Makeup: Selena Thitichotisakun @selena__makeupp
Photography Assistants: Meng
Abner Zong
Jane Hou
Location: Akara Sky Hanuman @akaraskyhanuman.bangkok
Art Director: Vincent Tran @vincenttranartistry

Get To Know Everything About Steve Aoki's Electrifying Beats & Unstoppable Energy!

Jacket and trousers: KENZO @kenzo

In the lit corridors of sound, where basslines pulse like heartbeats and melodies shimmer like stardust, there exists a maestro. His good name? Steve Aoki—a sonic sorcerer, a dancefloor deity, and a relentless seeker of sonic transcendence.

Punk rocker turned beat alchemist Steve’s journey began amidst the gritty chaos of punk rock. Leather jackets, mosh pits, and raw rebellion fuelled in his veins. But deep within, a dormant force stirred—a craving for more than three chords and a scream. Steve traded his guitar for turntables, and the metamorphosis began.

Tank top, jacket and jeans, shoes: FENDI @fendi

Dim Mak: Where legends are forged in the heart of Los Angeles, Steve forged his legacy. Dim Mak Records, his brainchild, birthed stars. The Bloody Beetroots, Bloc Party, and countless others found their voice within its hallowed walls. His label isn’t just about music; it is a portal to alternate dimensions—a place where beats collided, and genres swayed a frenetic tango.


Jacket and trousers: Nosense Official @nosense__official
Black boots: Alexander McQueen @alexandermcqueen

His tracks—like cosmic comets—ignited dancefloors worldwide. “Turbulence” shook stadiums, leaving seismic ripples in its wake. “No Beef” became an anthem for hedonistic nights and sun-kissed mornings. And Steve? He surfed those beats, riding waves of euphoria, arms outstretched, defying gravity.


Jacket: KENZO @kenzo
Trousers: WINDOWSEN @windowsen

His tours? Not mere concerts—they were cosmic journeys. But Aoki isn’t just about beats; he’s a philanthropic maestro. His charitable fund, The Aoki Foundation, raises tides of compassion, maintaining the flow of brain science and research.

Jacket: CHANEL @chanelofficial
Trousers: KENZO @kenzo

He’s the sonic samurai, slicing through genres like a katana through silk. From to BTS, he’s remixed the stars themselves. And when he dropped his memoir, “Blue: The Color of Noise”, it spilled secrets and melodies, inked in stardust.

Moreover, Steve Aoki isn’t just a DJ; he’s the weaver of dreams, the architect of euphoria, and the cosmic conductor of our collective heartbeat!

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