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Where Tech Meets Fashion – Ft. Helen Blossom!

Where Tech Meets Fashion - Ft. Helen Blossom!

At the helm of the Women in Tech and Fashion (FTW) movement stands Helen Blossom, a molecular biologist with a PhD who has graced the pages of fashion magazines. FTW blazes a trail by seamlessly merging technology and style, empowering women from boardrooms to catwalks.

Scott Braxton, drawing inspiration from Zendaya’s iconic flair, unveils his debut collection—a harmonious blend of beauty and intellect. The lens of award-winning photographer Paul Tocatlian captures this fusion, immortalizing the essence of brains and aesthetics.

In upcoming San Francisco events, FTW will spotlight critical topics such as AI’s impact on the fashion and tech realms as they shape the future of both industries.

Team Credits:
Makeup: Ethel MH Reddy @e.the.look
Dress designer: Scott Braxton @braxtonscott, dresses_by_s
Jewellery designer: Miae Nelson @miaebelamourbijoux
Photographer: Paul Tocatlian @tocatlian
Featuring: Helen Victoria Blossom @helen_victoria_blossom
Video for the photoshoot: Zarina Mudra @zarinamau@mudra.production
Inspiration: Zendaya @zendaya

Where Tech Meets Fashion - Ft. Helen Blossom!
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