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Retro Chic With A Modern Twist

Retro Chic With A Modern Twist

She’s all about letting her inner wild child shine through her style, favoring free-flowing vibes and natural energy over flashy materialism.

Team Credits:

Creative Director and Model: Margot Des Alysés

Photographer: Salvo Alibrio

Hairstylist: Salvo Lo Coco Makeup

Artist: Caterina Di Miceli

Retouch: Mariya Vyazmikina

Location: Lo Zafferaneto

Our fabulous fashion guru is here to dish out some seriously chic advice. Meet, Margot, her stylish model urges you to flaunt your individuality, ditch the trend-chasing frenzy, rock that confidence, and sprinkle some spice of life by prioritizing experiences and keeping that balance, rather than just chasing after material possessions. Embrace your quirks and strut your stuff with pride! Keeping reading to know about her fashion game, and fun snippets from her life!

Welcome to L’Officiel Margot! Describe your personal fashion style in three words?

Three words are not enough. I am way more complex than this. Fashion is also playing and having different roles… not just one. I don’t need fancy clothes or lots of accessories. It depends on the attitude, and the whole look, the smile… what I want to express…it’s about energy. Whatever I wear, I mean to be natural, wild, and free. No jewellery, not necessarily designer clothes, not necessarily expensive stuff.  In the winter, an iconic look for me is over-the-knee boots, a mini dress, and a very long coat above. It makes me feel beautiful and confident. Sometimes, usually in the Spring, I would go for more girly looks, with romantic dresses, off-shoulder tops. No jewellery, not necessarily designer clothes, not necessarily expensive stuff. 

Retro Chic With A Modern Twist


How do you find inspiration for your creative direction in fashion?

I find inspiration from my favorite movies, songs, and poems… It’s about art. Different eras. I love timeless beauty and I often take inspiration from neo-realism. I can be very inspired by nature. There is a lot of me in every one of my projects, that suits me and I feel it is always mine. From creative direction to styling even to set design.


What’s your favorite fashion trend of all time and one trend you hope never comes back?

A few trends I don’t like include sporty stuff, fancy sneakers, low waist, oversized jackets… I love high-waist trousers and skirts. Anything that fits the waist. Elegant shoes, leather boots, and heels. I prefer fitted suits. Timeless. Like a white silk blouse, a cashmere black sweater, and a leather jacket. 

Top and Shorts: MAX MARA

As a model, what’s the most memorable shoot or runway experience you’ve had?

All the covers for the high-fashion magazines are a dream come true. The fact that I can organize editorials for Numéro, is unbelievable and means the world to me. A special moment was last year when I directed and have been starring my first project for Damiani, one of the most iconic and historical jewelry brands in Italy. I had this photoshoot deep in my heart and being able to make it has been a major goal.

Sweater: DIOR
Underwear: VINTAGE

Let’s play a quick round of rapid-fire: High heels or sneakers? Monochrome or bold patterns? Parisian chic or New York Street style? Vintage fashion or futuristic designs?

Heels. But let me share with you this story: Once I was at this very luxurious expensive hotel museum in Venice for a photoshoot and after a few days I only wanted to escape to be barefoot on a beach. I like luxury for a short time, but the connection with nature is way more important and deep for me. And, right now, that’s the real luxury. Regarding the colors: I wear black a lot but with a twist of color, pink, fuchsia, or purple. I love wearing white in the summer…matched with natural nuances. I won’t be wearing too colorful stuff, unless for my photoshoots. Parisian style for sure. It’s closer to me and who I am.  I love vintage but also the reinterpretation of vintage pieces. Etro, Missoni, Zimmermann, Pucci… they are all making stunning clothes and accessories that are respectful of the past and have strong reminiscences of the 60s/70s, but are also innovative and are meant to be worn in the present.  Another great example is Roberto Cavalli by Fausto Puglisi, who is taking a lot of inspiration from that era. I loved the first Chloé collection designed by Chemena Kamali, she is amazing.

Sweater: DIOR
Underwear: VINTAGE

If you could give one piece of fashion advice to your younger self, what would it be?

I would not advise my younger self because I was happy with the way I was dressing up when I was a little girl, for sure different than now but it makes sense to the person I am today. I was wearing girly outfits and cute looks but also without caring too much about trends.

I was wearing what I liked and the way I was feeling, which was the most important thing. I have never wanted to copy the mass. For instance, I was wearing pink shoes, and I didn’t care if all the other girls were wearing black shoes. I was wearing only what I wanted.

Dress: CHLOE

What’s the most unconventional or unexpected source of inspiration you’ve drawn upon for a creative project?

I think creative direction is also the ability to improvise and adapt yourself to the situation and what is happening in that moment. You can plan a lot but at the end of the day, some unexpected things are happening and some of them might turn your project into a success if you can read it well and fast. It depends on how you manage the situation. A few years ago I wanted to shoot in a natural reserve in Sicily, but the photographer was not trained for that kind of excursion, and the lights were too strong… We moved back to the town of Ortigia but it didn’t match the styling…the hours passed and at a certain point, I saw at the port a beautiful vintage boat, owned by a French couple. I immediately saw the deal and asked them if we could have shot there. And we made a full story in less than one hour, one of the best ones for me. Another time, I was shooting for Damiani in Taormina and I saw this woman passing by with this beautiful black poodle. I didn’t think twice. I knew it was perfect for our image and so it was. Nobody could imagine it was not planned. Plus, the poodles are very beloved by the Damiani family, so it was a great match for sure.

You need to adapt and find immediate solutions. This is what I learned. It might be raining from one moment to another, it might be different from how you imagined or whatever. But you need to do your best to achieve your goal and the best possible result.


If you could time-travel to any fashion era, which one would you choose and why?

I would go back to the 60s and 70s. Still the best era. It makes me dream and I love everything of that incredible time. The connection between fashion and music, bands like The Velvet Underground… artists like Andy Warhol…I would go back to that time because everything was happening and was so iconic… it lasted over time. Not everything we see today will last. We have less content of value and less soul. We move too fast. It would have been incredible partying at Studio 54, dating Mick Jagger, hanging out with Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful. Maybe to be in a Bob Dylan song. To go on tour with them. Talking poetry with Leonard Cohen and Allen Ginsberg. Seeing George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. Such a dream. There were deeper and unexpected connections. Artists were able to send messages and to be who they wanted, they could switch from singing to acting to whatever they wanted and had a huge charisma. There was also more freedom than today. Artists were able to speak without fear. If we think about France…they were way more open than today’s society. Let’s refer to Serge Gainsbourg who made history.


What is the one piece of advice you’d like to give out to your fans and readers out there?

My advice is to never give up, don’t listen to others, and be unique. Don’t try to copy trends, especially on body standards, and be confident in your skin. Perfection doesn’t exist and it’s great we are not perfect. It’s good that we cry, and that we fail because we’ll have also some successful moments and joy. It’s all about balances, ups and downs. As humans, we need to experience all of this in life to live it fully. Also: money should not be an obsession, only a way to live a better lifestyle, which anyway is relative. I don’t need expensive clothes and hotels to be happy, for me, it has a totally different meaning. I can be joyful and at peace with myself, no matter where. It’s not the research of money, for sure, where you should feel successful or satisfied. Never try to fit into standards. Be yourself.

Total Look: DIOR

You share a very close bond with Brigitte Bardot. Tell us something about that?

It is a very good question. I love Brigitte Bardot, and I consider her one of my role models. I appreciate her especially for her freedom and because she is a strong animal right activist. For sure, she influenced fashion, and her beauty has always been extraordinary. But there is much more in her and people know that. That’s why she is still deeply loved today. As a free-spirited woman, I only can feel grateful and honored if people think I have something of Bardot in my look. It is an honor for me.

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