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Exclusive Interview With Angela Lindvall – Carving Her Own Niche!

Exclusive Interview With Angela Lindvall – Carving Her Own Niche!

Our Digital Cover Star for the February Edition, Angela Lindvall, is a force to be reckoned with. Juggling motherhood and modelling with such grace and grit, she’s rewriting the rules, proving that motherhood is not a limitation but a superpower.

Team Credits:
Photographer: Richard Machado @richardmachadophotography
Model: Angela Lindvall – The Rebellion Management
Stylist: Donald Lawrence @donaldlawrance8
Makeup: Melissa Rogers for @augustinusbader & @victoriabeckhambeauty
Hair: Tania Becker @taniabecker using @oribe
Videographer: Lei Philips @leiphilips
Production no-name Management @nonamemanagement
Digital Tech: Toma Kostygina
Photo assistant: Tati Tate
Retouch: Evgeniya Lyubegina
Catering: Urban Palate

Welcome to L’Officiel, Angela! What do you find most rewarding about being a model?

Thank you! Honestly, I LOVE working in a creative industry. I’m a bit of a rebel (in a good way), so I enjoy not being on a strict schedule or living within strict boundaries. I love blurring the lines. Creative expression is the best! I’m so grateful to have grown up in an environment where inspiration is at the core of what I do.

Walk us through a typical day in the life of a model. What does your daily routine entail?

I’m not a typical model—nor have I ever been. There are a lot of stereotypes associated with being a ‘model’ I’m a bit of a tomboy—hard-working woman as much as I am a muse. I wake up early, meditate, focus on what I have to be grateful for, and then start my day. It usually includes coffee, research, and then some physical activity, whether it’s working the land with my hands or doing yoga and exercising. I like to stay busy, both mentally and physically.

Exclusive Interview With Angela Lindvall – Carving Her Own Niche!

Pearl necklace: Forte Forte
Black Suit: Shiro Sakai
Socks: Uniqlo
Loafer: GH Bass

As a single mom, you undoubtedly face challenges. Can you share some approaches you’ve found to balance the demands of parenthood with your personal and professional life?

First and foremost, I’ve been a mother for the past 21 years. Motherhood is my deepest inspiration and commitment. While balance is important, my boys have always come first. I’ve always known that when I’m old, I will care more about how I was as a mom than how many magazines covers, I was on. Motherhood is a serious commitment and one of the most important yet often overlooked jobs on the planet. Being very present as a mother also provides me with space to pursue my other ventures. I also rely heavily on other mothers, the community, and my family for support. It truly takes a village. Now that my boys are grown, I am an ’empty nester,’ but I will forever be AnadaMa! I bring this nurturing aspect of motherhood to my other ventures and creativity now.

Red Stripped Dress: Loretta Caponi Firenze
White button up: Tibi
Socks: Uniqlo
Heel: Schutz

Being a passionate advocate for sustainability, what steps do you believe one should take to build meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future?

I believe everything starts from within. We can point fingers, but we can only be responsible for our own energy and choices. These choices then affect the larger whole. Our decisions about what we buy, what we support, what we engage in, how we spend our time, and our thoughts and feelings WILL have an impact on the larger whole. We ALL make a difference. Every small act has a ripple effect.

White Long Sleeve Shirt: Neil Barret
Skirt: Shiro Sakai
Socks: Uniqlo
Loafer: GH Bass

You are someone who’s deeply committed to supporting women during pregnancy, labour, birth, and motherhood. What motivated you to pursue this path, and how do you envision empowering women to navigate these experiences with confidence and strength?

My mother was a big advocate for natural birthing. I believe the journey into motherhood needs to be respected and honoured with the utmost care and responsibility. It can be a daunting process, especially the first time. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and empowering women in their choices, discussing the benefits, risks, and alternatives throughout the pregnancy, labour, and birth process. Being prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally allows us to embrace and prepare for this beautiful new chapter. Additionally, being present to support a new soul on their earthly journey is incredibly meaningful and can make a significant difference in how they begin their very first months, days, and minutes of life.

White suit set: Shiro Sakai
Socks: Uniqlo
Loafer: GH Bass

What aspects of the fashion and film industry are you most passionate about, and how do you envision integrating your experiences from teaching and motherhood into this new chapter of your career?

I love being in a space where we start with a blank canvas and create from nothing. I love showcasing the elements of human expression and all the emotions and allure that come with it. I will always enjoy this form of expression until the day I can’t anymore. Yet, I am also embarking on a new chapter, aiming to channel all my life experiences and passion into my dedication to the human spirit on a more personal level. I adore holding space for individuals to connect with the deepest parts of themselves through my coaching work and group workshops. We are beautiful, creative beings. Sometimes we get stuck and need a new perspective to break out of our blocks. This, too, is a great form of creative expression.

White Top: Bite
Blazer: Forte Forte
Striped pants: Forte Forte
Heel: Forte Forte

You’ve expressed a keen interest in mentoring young models. What drives this passion, and what do you hope to impart to the next generation of models as they navigate the complexities of the fashion industry?

The same way I love mentoring mothers, individuals, and groups, I also enjoy focusing specifically on models because it’s what I did for 25 years. Few others can relate to the challenges and opportunities a model face. Many times, she’s on her own, young, trying to navigate a huge world with little support or people who can relate. My goal is not only to teach a girl how to ‘model’ (although I can guide her in that aspect as well), but also how to be the best version of herself so that she can project her energy most powerfully, both professionally and personally.

White Top: Loretta Caponi Firenze
Black dress: Tibi
Sock: Uniqlo
Heel: Schutz

If you could collaborate with any designer, living or deceased, who would it be, and what kind of collection would you create together?

Definitely Karl Lagerfeld! He was a genius. He had such a gift of knowledge and wisdom from the past, yet possessed a cutting edge sense of the present. He was a good friend, and I really miss his presence. I would create a utilitarian chic everyday collection—like a jumpsuit that has everything you need to survive weather, circumstances, and situations. Lots of pockets, climate control, and gadgets.

Cropped Jacket: Shiro Sakai
White Top: Shiro Sakai
Pant: Tibi
Sock: Uniqlo
Loafer: GH Bass

Spill the beans about your upcoming projects.

I’m just getting back into modelling and acting after years of focusing on my studies of yoga, meditation, and coaching. It is exciting to be back and express outwardly this creative energy within. Yet, my purpose and passion are to do my work as a teacher and community creator. I LOVE holding space, bringing people together for a common good, and working on our transformational energy as individuals and as a collective. This is what I came here to do, on a grassroots personal level—not to be “famous”. I’m working on a book called ‘Peace Begins in Me’, ready to be published in the next few months. I’m cultivating my 20-acre land in Missouri where I grew up, near my family. I love sustainable, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, and growing food. I am also very much focused on investing in businesses that support women, women’s health, and beauty, as well as real estate.

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