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Ain’t your regular fits saviour!

Ain’t your regular fits saviour!

Once You See the Humble Men’s Belt for The Style Secret Sauce That It Truly Is, The Prospect of Acquiring a New One Won’t Bore You, But Thrill You. To Get You Started on Your Journey Towards Belt Enlightenment, We Got You and Your Waist Covered! Dig In!4rrde

You might think that shopping for the best belts for men isn’t nearly as exciting as throwing down on a badass leather jacket, a swaggering suit, or even some aggressively tinted shades. After all, those other items have main-character energy and the belt, the belt is almost always playing a supporting role in your outfit. We would argue that your belt collection very much deserves your attention, consideration, and financial investment. Because if you’ve ever inadvertently ruined an outfit on Valentine’s with the wrong belt, you know how supporting belts are essential to any creative masterpiece.

This pant holding weapon has boasted the same aesthetic during the Renaissance period, where men’s clothing was often designed to show off their figure and emphasise their waistline. Indeed, belts helped to achieve this look, especially since most clothing at that time didn’t come with a built-in waistband. They were often decorated with metal buckles, studs, or other types of embellishments and were worn high on the waist and was used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall outfit.

No matter what type of belt a man wore during that time period, it was always designed to be a suave accessory that helped to keep an outfit’s overall appearance. So, what could be better than Valentine’s! As, this would be the perfect fancy affair to look forward to! 

Ain’t your regular fits saviour!

ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS, Texas Serenade 3cm Studded Leather Belt, approx. Rs. 1,84,290

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Leather Harness, approx. Rs.  1,47,430

VERSACE, La Medusa Barocco-jacquard belt, approx. Rs.  72,490

MONTBLANC, M Lock 4810 3.5cm Full-Grain Leather Belt, approx. Rs.  43,250

TOM FORD, Silk-Satin Cummerbund, approx. Rs. 38,130

GUCCI, Silk-Jacquard Cummerbund, approx. Rs. 36,540

GIVENCHY, 4G 4cm Leather and Canvas Belt, approx. Rs.  35,800

MR P., 3.5cm Woven Leather Belt, approx. Rs.  12,140

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