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Voila, Bejewelled Makeup Trend!

Voila, Be-Jewelled!

When Taylor Swift Said, “Best Believe I’m Still Bejeweled, When I Walk In The Room, I Can Still Make The Whole Place Shimmer.” We Took It Straight To Our Hearts And Brought A Trend To Polish Diamonds In Your Eyes. Dive In Because You’re About To Know How.

I t’s officially our favourite time of the year, and we aren’t just talking about the new year. It’s also the time when we start predicting makeup trends that will make a splash in the upcoming year. Needless to say, the trends are going to be fearless, bold, and unapologetically out there. If you ask us, it will be a year of makeup maximalism in terms of colours, graphics, and pigments.

2023 saw makeup enthusiasts opening themselves up to the realms of creativity and exploring colours and embellishments. According to us, the beauty forecast for 2024 is going to be filled to the brim with statement colours, dramatic brows and skinimalistic foundations.

Well, if you ask our personal fav. Call it the hangover of Euphoria, the urge to break away from mainstream makeup or the resurgence of Y2K beauty. The makeup mavens inside us seem to have found love in this makeup trend.

A top-tier serve, celebrities down west are having a moment with jazzy rhinestones, pearls and glitters spicing up their makeup look. While embellishments with makeup may seem a little over the top, that’s the idea we are stepping in 2024 with. So, if you are the one that shows up at parties with statement and out-of-the-box lewks, we think bejewelled makeup is worth your shot. Just read ahead quickly to find our favourite bejewelled outings spotted on celebs. Happy eyeing



If you’re looking to add some shimmer into your makeup, know that your options extend well beyond perfectly symmetrical feline flicks of metallic eyeliner. Whether speckled with glitter or doused liberally with metallic pigments, this disco ball aesthetic is a great addition to your eye makeup repertoire, especially for your cocktail night. Those in search of proof need to look no further than Priyanka Chopra’s glittery outing on the Met Gala red carpet in 2019. With her eyes doused in glitter, the high-shine look was framed by finger waves and a bold lip, proving that more is indeed galore.


Bold, adventurous and spunky, Lizzo’s personal style clearly comes second to none. Apart from belting out chart-busting hits, this singing sensation’s social media feed is a goldmine of unconventional makeup looks too. Take this peppy candy coloured rhinestone party on her eyes for instance which is a lesson on how to get the bejewelled makeup trend right! If you fancy going all out for your Greek goddess look, consider this look and watch how the compliments roll in.


For us, Camila wins the bejewelled makeup trend with this multicolour masterpiece. Absolutely winging it out of the park with this epic bejewelled graphic liner, the pop sensation serves as major inspo for those of you who love embracing editorial makeup looks. Try it for your next concert date, music festival outing or a fun girls’ night out and let your ex stop and stare too. Afterall, let his heart racing too at the sight of such a beautiful visage. Cause ours is definitely on fiyah! So, draw on a classic cat eyeliner and shine on!


Rhinestones and glitzy embellishments can instantly add a bit of drama to your makeup look. Your options range from strategically placed diamanté to high-impact gemstones stuck on with lash glue. And, one of the most adored supermodels, Gigi Hadid has approved by adding on to her G Files—with shimmering sequins amplifying her inner eyes and a glamorous pout of red to finish the look. After all, embellished eyes have been trending for quite some time now. From the red carpet to the ramp, this ornamental look seems to be an industry favourite. To dazzle everyone with this masterpiece, blend a soft wash of nude shade on your eyelids. Add rhinestones near the crease to adorn your eyelids and you are done! Fancy with a capital F! Don’t forget to slap on a sexy red lippie just like Gigi.


Ooh the fairy glam! For those of you who love flaunting chic eye makeup trends, this one’s surely gotta find a place on your next-to-try list. Dove Cameron’s combination of a sharp winged liner that can cut apples (we’re not just kidding) and sparkly stones adorning her glossy lids has us crushing hard on it. Besides, it is so easy to recreate. All you need is black eyeliner and a few rhinestone stick-ons and voila, you are done! P.S. – if you are in for a pinch, try stone bindis to deck up your eyes! It will make up for the transition from Coachella to cocktail hour gazing sophisticated ease with the architectural elements and geometric accents.

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