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Our Fashion Critique at the BRICS+ International Fashion Summit

Our Fashion Critique at the BRICS+ International Fashion Summit

Ever heard of a stylish carnival of creativity and business savvy rolled into one fabulous event? It’s the Fashion Summit!

The year 2023 bid adieu with a colossal splash as Moscow played host to the International BRICS+ Fashion Summit. A whopping 3.5 million folks showed up to experience the sheer awesomeness of this global fashion fiesta! Can you believe it? With a jaw-dropping lineup of 10 dazzling fashion shows showcasing the creative genius of 13 designers across five fabulous days, the summit was an absolute style explosion!

The Summit was a global gathering that sparked fashion fever from more than 60 countries spanning continents like Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, South-Eastern Asia, and the CIS.

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit wasn’t just about runway spectacles; it transformed the Parking Gallery in Zaryadye into a fashion wonderland for five whole days! Can you believe it? More than 130 brands and designers, representing countries such as Argentina, Russia, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, and a parade of others, filled this expansive space.

While every brand brought their A-game, as fashion critics, we’ve cherry-picked the top-notch brands that set the runway on fire with their spectacular displays!

Arzu Kaprol (Turkey)

Arzu Kaprol (Turkey)

Straight out of Turkey comes the fabulous Arzu Kaprol! Way back in 1995, she planted the seeds of her studio and became a trendsetting genius in clothing technology. Her collection? Oh, it’s a jaw-dropper! Think practically architectural clothing, featuring leather, velvet, and shimmering tinsel in see-through designs. Embracing the future, her line boldly flaunts semi-transparent materials, along with a dash of velvet and tinsel for that extra oomph! And wait, there’s more! The showstopper moment? A sprinkle of lighter looks—a whimsical dress made from pleated fabric and some fierce pieces boasting fur and wild animal prints. Trust us, for any fashion aficionado, this was a show you just couldn’t miss!

David Tlale (South Africa)

Ever wonder what gets us excited? Oh, it’s not just the pretty faces; it’s their grand entrance, totally out of the ordinary! Instead of the usual catwalk routine, all the models stormed out together, giving the crowd a jolt. During the summit, David Tlale unleashed a vibrant collection that’s a feast for the eyes – casual wear mingling with evening elegance. They were a symphony of layers, daring cuts, and proportions that defied the ordinary. It was fashion with a flair, and boy, did it leave a lasting impression!

Hany El Behairy Haute Couture (Egypt)

Hany El Behairy Haute Couture, the Egyptian sensation behind the creation of the most jaw-droppingly expensive wedding dress in Egyptian history, has landed in Moscow with a mind-blowing collection that’s sending shockwaves through the fashion cosmos! Hany El Behairy, the maestro himself, paid homage to his roots, infusing the collection with a celebration of Egyptian culture and history. Models strutted down the runway, draped in gowns adorned with crystals and feathers that shimmered and swayed like ethereal creatures from a fashion fairy tale. But wait, what truly stole the spotlight were the accessories! The headdresses, bracelets, and jewelry transported us back to the splendor of Ancient Egypt, making us feel like modern-day pharaohs and queens!

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