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Blonde Bombshell Extraordinaire

Blonde Bombshell Extraordinaire

‘Synonymous with opulence, her demeanor dripping with an intoxicating mix of elegance and fearless allure. Brace yourself for a journey into the world of Victoria Silvstedt.

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Meet Victoria Silvstedt as she gears up to inspire her audience by focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As an advocate for holistic well-being, she continues her association with ‘Body by Victoria’ and her fashion line. She’s not here to merely exist; she’s here to dominate and redefine the very essence of unapologetic fierceness. Keep reading to find out more about her and her journey in the industry.

Blonde Bombshell Extraordinaire

Welcome to L’Officiel India Victoria! If you had to describe your journey in the industry with just one word – what would it be?


Between a fashion runway, a movie set, and a beauty pageant stage, which one feels like your natural habitat, and why?

I started with beauty pageants very young. I was very shy as a teenager, so I slowly built up my self-confidence, then I got into modeling and afterward into acting. I enjoyed the full journey and all the different experiences, as it all helped my self confidence to grow. What I enjoyed the most though, and what felt most natural, was TV hosting and doing live shows. I could be myself on television and was making lots of money. I worked for seven years on French TV and 10 years on Italian Television. It was the best time of my career!

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show, favorite midnight snack, and the song you secretly dance to when nobody’s watching?

Guilty pleasure TV shows are reality shows like “The Kardashians “and “Dubai Bling”. I also watch the news and CNBC every day as I’m trading on the financial market and need to stay up to date on that. I like to sing and dance to ABBA… I grew up listening to them and their music still makes me happy. I don’t have midnight snacks; I try to stay healthy.

What are three beauty tips or rituals that you swear by?

Positive attitude, good sleep, and a well-balanced Mediterranean diet!!

As a former beauty pageant participant, what valuable lessons did you learn from that experience, and how have those lessons influenced your career and personal growth?

I learned to act like a lady and always to be genuine. I also learned about defeat – it made me realize that you don’t always have to be number one. It’s more about the experience and just doing your best!

What’s a fashion trend or style that you feel particularly connected to, and why?

I’m a very sporty casual person, but I love to dress casual chic daily. I always team my outfits with a designer bag and nice accessories to add glamour. I also love rock’n roll chic when I go out at night, plus glamorous evening dresses for galas and red-carpet events. I love to play up the glamour and be sophisticated and feminine.

If you could pick any two celebrities, living or dead, to star alongside you in a movie, who would they be, and what kind of movie would it be?

I would have loved to have met Marilyn Monroe, she was so beautiful and interesting. I would have loved to have been a Bond Girl and played against Sean Connery in one of his classic James Bond Movies.

In your journey from Miss Sweden to becoming a recognized figure worldwide, what’s one piece of advice you wish you could have given your younger self?

Don’t trust everyone… I was so naive and sweet when I was young because I grew up in a little village in the Northern part of Sweden where everyone was honest and pure. However, I soon realized that wasn’t the case in the modeling world! I had to learn quickly to use good judgment when I moved to Paris at age 18. It was very tough for me during the first year, but I didn’t want to give up and go back home, I was determined to make it work despite some negatives. I was an athlete growing up so it helped me to focus and stay strong.

What’s next on your bucket list for 2024, either professionally or personally, that you’re excited about pursuing?

This year I will focus on staying healthy and positively inspire my audience. I will continue to promote brands that I’m part of including “Body by Victoria” and my fashion line @marlidresses. I also have some beauty ad campaigns coming up and a lead role in a Swedish drama movie. I have lots of travel planned for work and wonderful events to attend, so it will be a very exciting year! I also support many charities and believe in helping others. I’m an ambassador for ”The Perfect World Foundation” @tpw_foundation – supporting the preservation of the Environment and Oceans.

Any advice for the L’Officiel India readers?

Live your life to the fullest! Never give up, and always keep a positive attitude. If you do this, good things will come your way.
Happy 2024 to all the L’Officiel readers!

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