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Paris’ Hidden Gem – Le Grand Mazarin

Paris' Hidden Gem – Le Grand Mazarin

Heading to the city of love, Paris, and missing out on that oh-so-glamorous Parisian feel? Sacré bleu! We landed right smack dab in the whirlwind of Paris Fashion Week, where the streets were bustling with all sorts of glamorous chaos. Amid this fashionable frenzy, lo and behold, stood a hotel—a serene oasis amidst the stylish storm. We’re talking about the remedy to lift your Parisian escapade to the next level: presenting Le Grand Mazarin Hotel, a lavish five-star oasis smack dab in the heart of the city.


Paris' Hidden Gem – Le Grand Mazarin

Le Grand Mazarin, a dazzling hotel born from the wild dreams of the Pariente family and now in the skilled hands of the fourth genius, Leslie Kouhana! This isn’t just any hotel—oh no! It’s been marinating for six whole years, blending two fancy shops and the cozy three-star Villa Mazarin into a masterpiece. And guess what? That villa was the first nugget of inspiration in Pariente’s mind to craft a hotel from scratch.

Hold onto your hats because the décor is like a burst of inspiration from the famed Swedish designer, Martin Brudnizki! This guy and his London-based Design Studio MBDS sprinkled elegance and flair into every nook and cranny of this place. It’s not just inspired; it’s downright magical!

Le Grand Mazarin Hotel

Nestled within these walls are 50 rooms and 11 lavish suites, each offering a tantalizing choice: gaze upon the charming rooftops of Le Marais or lose yourself in the enchanting inner patio adorned with exquisite murals.

Amidst a vibrant symphony of pastel hues, the entrance to the room winks at us playfully. Ascending the staircase beforehand is like stepping onto a magic carpet, whisking you away to an otherworldly, aesthetically divine space. Every nook and cranny of this room has been meticulously arranged, displaying an artful and deliberate touch that beckons admiration.

The quirky painted wardrobes, tapestry canopies elegantly draping over beds, and furniture straight out of the French heritage brand Art de Lys (the manufacturer of the tapestry canopies only) will leave you in awe. It’s as if a 19th-century chateau bedroom collided head-on with a riotous post-modern crayon, creating a fantastically eclectic fusion that’s bound to tickle your imagination! Step onto the balcony and voilà! You’ll be transported straight into your own “Emily in Paris” fantasy!

Pool & Hammam

Le Grand Mazarin Hotel beholds a rare marvel that sets the city abuzz – a swimming pool! But not just any pool; it’s a shimmering oasis, a mid-size haven that beckons you to dip your toes and indulge in aqua-bliss.

But wait, there’s more to this opulent stay than meets the eye – a traditional Turkish bathing experience. Steam swirls around you, carrying away stress as you revel in the exquisite art of relaxation. Feel your skin rejuvenate under the expert hands of skilled attendants, indulging in a lavish exfoliation and a heavenly massage.

There’s also a small treatment cabin overseen by none other than Parisian cult favorite Anne Cali. Imagine being pampered by the crème de la crème of Parisian skincare while basking in the serene ambiance of this remarkable space.

Restaurant & Bar

Nestled beneath the hotel, where culinary artistry meets heartfelt heritage. Like stepping into Gabriel’s realm, this restaurant exudes an air of sophistication with a touch of bustling energy that fills its seats day in and day out. (I would introduce the name of the restaurant sooner in the text)

Led by the culinary genius of Israeli maestro, Chef Assaf Granit, who’s renowned Shabour clinched the coveted Michelin star in Paris, Boubalé pays homage to the rich lineage of the Pariente sisters. These spirited siblings trace their roots to Ashkenazi grandparents who set foot in Le Marais a century ago, dwelling just a stone’s throw away from the hotel’s very location. (Our grandparents never set a foot into the building before we acquired it but they lived in the area so they passed by very often!)

Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of inventive dishes crafted with a nod to tradition and a dash of innovation.

Paris just got a little more enchanting, wouldn’t you say?

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