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Alexa, Play Divine Energy Only!

Alexa, Play Divine Energy Only!

Fun Fact: Men Wore Jewellery Long Before Women Did. But In The 20th Century, Men’s Jewellery Took A Cultural Shift. And, L’Officiel Is Not Ready To Forget The Routes Yet! Thus, We Got You With The Renaissance Jewellery Inspo Covered! Dig In!

Young style adventurers are nostalgic for a more recent era: the ’90s, a time rife with necklaces and rave chokers. They know the flex of jewellery is measured in novelty and imagination. Like fashion, it’s all about grabbing references from different subcultures to concoct your own unique aesthetic mixture. Today, you don’t have to be a goth or raver to wear a mall-bought choker. You don’t have to be a surfer (or tourist) to covet a pula-shell earring. And you certainly don’t have to be an aristocrat to wear a signet ring.

As the new wave has hit every corner of the jewellery industry, inspiring legacy brands to pursue a more fearless maleidentifying customer—an overnight smash hit. Actually, jewellery was historically gender neutral, with both men and women adorning themselves with jewellery as personal expression and to communicate wealth and power. It was only in the mid18th century that Western men renounced the opulence in jewels and clothing that had defined the fashion in the past era and instead embraced a pared-down aesthetic.

So, men wearing jewellery wasn’t influenced directly; hardly any ancient jewellery was known in those days apart from the surviving cameos which had remained fashionable objects throughout the Middle Ages. Ancient techniques like filigree or delicate, all gold jewellery weren’t revived but rather, it was the classical and mythological themes that provided the link with the ancient world. The Biblical themes from the Middle Ages never lost their popularity throughout the Renaissance and continued to provide depictions for jewellery.

C’mon y’all show some enthusiasm to evidence plenty of glory from the Renaissance infused in jewellery pieces by luxury brands. We ensure you that they’ll not disappoint you!


SUZANNE KALAN, 18kt yellow gold sapphire eternity band, approx.
Rs. 13,28,330

VERSACE, Nuts & Bolts Medusa ring,
approx. Rs. 37,740

DOLCE & GABBANA, Coin wide-band ring, approx.
Rs. 36,990

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Ivy Skull ring, approx. Rs. 32,420

ACNE STUDIOS, Pearl embellished ring, approx. Rs. 28,430

AMI PARIS, Crystal-embellished open ring, approx. Rs. 25,770

MISSOMA, Infini goldplated ring, approx. Rs. 11,720

GUCCI, Horsebitdetail bracelet, approx. Rs. 52,790

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Victorian Skull cuff bracelet, approx. Rs. 43,140

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Skull and Snake cuff bracelet, approx. Rs. 37,410

CHARRIOL, Celtic cable bangle, approx. Rs. 25,850

VERSACE, Virtus embossed earrings, approx. Rs. 20,450

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