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Handpicked The Extreme Sultriness from The Red Sea Film Festival. We Are Streaming a Different Movie. Sit Back & Relax, The Show Is About to Begin!

Let’s be honest, everything we’ve learned – we’ve learned from the movies. Life without cinema would be dull, flavorless, and leaving you wondering – where’s the fun? And where there are movies there’s a parade of film festivals and award nights, keeping the drama rolling. The most recent that drew an array of globally known celebrities together is the Red Sea Film Festival. The third edition of the festival took place recently and we adore all the talented winners, but guilty as charged, our eyes were set on all head-turner outfits that stole the show. Here we present to you four men from the industry who made us whistle with their eye-catching looks. It’s showtime!


Michele Morrone

Who can resist the allure of a timeless style, especially when it’s sported by the most attractive man around? Our breaths are simply stolen away. The actor from “365 Days” effortlessly rocked a pose alongside friends in a sleek striped suit with just the right touch of accessories— and oh my, those looks were captivating.


Let’s get this straight—this guy isn’t just Amy Jackson’s beau; he is also the epitome of charm and good looks. At the award show, Westwick arrived with his lady love, and let’s just say, they owned the night. However, what caught everyone’s attention was Ed’s brand-new style. Stepping in with a stunning blue jacquard outfit. It gave very ‘Chuck Bass’ vibes, and let’s be real, when it comes to nailing that iconic Chuck Bass look, not everyone can pull it off like him!


The OG is back in action and is spotted thriving at every appearance. Stepping into Saudi Arabia’s grandest festival, Johnny Depp chose a sleek black suit highlighted by a vibrant touch of red, keeping his signature accessories in place. Despite attempting to keep a low profile, the paparazzi easily tracked down their beloved icon. Depp graced the festival in support of Maïwenn’s Cannes-opening film, “Jeanne du Barry.”


The dazzling Marvel star graced the festival for an In-Conversation session with Baz Luhrmann. Whether he chose pajamas or not, he’d still steal the spotlight. Yet this time, Hemsworth embraced an easy-going vibe in calming shades of grey. However, don’t think for a second that accessories were forgotten. Complemented by a sleek gray coat, he sported a simple white tee underneath, adorned with understated jewelry—a lengthy chain and a few rings. The entire ensemble exuded an irresistible allure that simply captivated us all!

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