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Channel Your Inner Notes

Channel Your Inner Notes

Establishing Shot: Music Rehearsal Studio in Loft Room with Drum Set in the Middle of It. Stylish Interior with Two Big Windows, Cozy Sofa, Shelves and Plants. Sunny Bright Day and Urban City View.

Earmarking A Space In Your House Not Only Enhances Your Creative Chops And Décor Ideas For The Music Room But Hones Your Music Chops Creating The Perfect Songbird From Your Warbles. For Inspiration, We’ve Rounded Up Several Tips To Channel Your Inner Artist. Dig In!

No matter what instrument you play—or how well you play it—a music room makes for a serene spot to practice, listen, teach, and learn. Do you find hidden-away spot in your basement to practice your guitar riffs? Or perhaps you simply crave a proper space for your record collection?

Whether you’re a novice or a practiced professional, a music room is a personalized setup that limits distraction and offers everything you need to comfortably practice, teach, listen, or play. All you’re craving is space to jam out or hone your skills, right?

Once you determine what kind of music room you want, you can narrow down the furniture, storage, and overall decor needed to make the space your own. To transfigure your room’s acoustics to trendy music-themed decorated spaces suiting your perfect music den, we’ve settled down everything for you.



Don’t think one traditional element, like an elegant baby grand piano, means you have to dress the rest of your living room- turned-music room into a stuffy space. Funky furniture, in various patterns, colours, and textures, can add a wink of cheekiness to this room. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply a weekly piano lesson, it’s a vibrant, energizing space to encourage music making.


If your record collection deserves its own room, take a look at this nearly wall-to-wall storage unit. The cubbies perfectly fit hundreds of records, which you can organize in sections alphabetically or by genre. By arranging a few records outwards, it creates an art-like moment in a design-forward space you’ll want to spend hours (and hours) in.


For maximum inspiration, keep your favourite musicians’ work close at heart—and within eyeshot too. That’s what this music room and cozy family room combination does. If that’s not inspiration enough to grab one of those guitars off the wall, we don’t know what is.


Not sure what to do with the space off your entryway? Consider it an ideal music room—a home office of sorts for piano or guitar teachers. This way your students aren’t traipsing through your entire house and you’ll have a dedicated place to practice yourself. In this music room, paired an elegant space—with dark paint and plenty of books—and an entryway full of personality.


Rugs are a staple of music room decor. Especially in rooms with hardwood or tile floors, an area rug provides an extra layer of soundproofing, muffling noises that would otherwise echo off hard surfaces. Choose an area rug with a plush pile that can both absorb sound and add a cozy touch underfoot. So, depending on the types of instruments in your music room, consider hanging what you can on the walls. When hung safely, you not only gain back precious floor space, but you ensure your instruments—like a guitar collection— won’t be tripped over or knocked over by overzealous pets. They make for great makeshift art too while providing plenty of spots to sit and jam, with energizing jolts of colour in an otherwise zen room.


Draw out a fresh vibe with natural light drawn from your large windows. The wall colour palettes can be white, faceless, aquarelles, red, orange, or any warm colours. Light tinges tend to reflect light and cheer the spaces in your themed room. Also, hang a large glass near the window to reflect further light.


Wine, piano, and socializing—this room has it all. Just imagine the happy hours spent in such an enviable space Interiors. It’s part cellar and part music room, with a gorgeous piano that matches the wood of the wine storage. Undoubtedly, it’s extravagant, that’s for sure, along with it this is something to aspire to if you equally love Bach and a bottle of wine.

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