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Smart Home Know-How

Smart Home Know-How

Smart home app on tablet with voice assistant speaker

We’ve Picked Out The Top 2023 Smart Home Devices To Automate Your Humble Abode Into An AI- Infused Bachelor Pad. Dive In And Find How It’s Worth Shelling Out!

Looking for the best smart home devices? We don’t blame you. If there’s one recent techy innovation that we recommend you to stop and take a look at, it would be smart home devices. The industry has moved on leaps and bounds.

So how do you start building your new smart, interconnected home? There’s a lot to consider, and not all of it is worth your time, but luckily for you, we’ve got all the best smart home gadgets around to find the pick of the bunch.



Eufy puts forward an effort as a super-convenient upgrade to your home security. Featuring super-sharp 2K video, direct-to mobile video calls, and two-way audio so one can communicate quickly with anyone approaching your door, this wire-free device is easy to install without any electrical expertise (though it supports a wired mode for even more convenience). Better yet, it’s got a second lower camera which covers the ground near your door, letting you view packages with ease as well, with colour night vision serving up crisp details even in low light.

But wait, there’s more. You’ll also find lights at the top and rear of the doorbell itself, which automatically turn on to light up the wall as you approach your door, providing more security and better vision.


The humble flipbook calendar has served the unorganised for many years, but Amazon’s Echo Show 15 is here to put your tired paper schedule to rest while handling a multitude of other tasks all at once. It’s a stretched-out 15.5-inch HD smart display tablet can be hooked to a wall or placed on a kitchen countertop to give you all your notifications, alerts, and notes at a glance.


While most smart thermostats merely let you turn your heating on and off remotely, Tado’s kit goes on further by letting you replace the individual valves on your radiators with smart ones. Once set up, you can individually control each radiator, letting you save energy by turning off/lowering the heat in rooms that aren’t being used. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and IFTTT. How’s that for convenience?


If you’re a fan of white and gold, stop all your searches. As we personally loved the rather regal colour combo on Shark’s latest cordless wonder-vac, and it’s made even better by the plethora of advanced features it offers. For starters, it empties and charges itself after each clean. Simply pop it on the included dock, and marvel as the dust bin is automatically emptied into the dock’s cavernous two-litre storage bin, which is capable of holding dirt and debris for up to a massive 45 days at a time. DirtDetect tech automatically boosts suction for deep cleaning on carpets, while EdgeDetect doubles suction near edges and corners automatically, to help capture those elusive kitchen crumbs. It’s clever enough to automatically adjust itself depending on whether you’re cleaning hard floors or carpet, while a LightDetect LED illuminates low-light areas to help ensure no spots are missed.

All in all, its veritable triumph of dust-busting design and engineering.


The Google Nest Protect slides in as our pick in large part because of its advanced feature set. This includes carbon monoxide detector, self-diagnostic suite, and ease of operation (including the fact that its battery powered, making it easy to install and use, with no hard-wiring required).

Being a smart smoke alarm, it can detect both slow and fast burning fires, and it wirelessly interconnects with other protects. The Protect uses voice alerts to warn you which room the danger is in and gives you enough time to check before it triggers the siren. It’s the easiest alarm to silence, i.e., through the polished and friendly Nest app, or by pressing the large button in the centre of its face. And the Protect in the only model that tests itself—which cuts down on annoying low-battery chirps in favor of useful smartphone notifications should something go wrong. The Protect is available in both hardwired and battery-powered versions, and so should work in any home.

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