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Adorn in Elegance!

Adorn in Elegance!

Welcome to The World Where Brilliance Meets Craftsmanship! Savaj Jewels Is Your Right Match to Exalt Your Style Beyond Imagination!

Team Credits:
Founder: Simi Jagtiani @simijagtiani
Photography: Diana Catch @dianacatch
Hair: Balmain Hair @balmainhair
Jewellery: Savaj Jewels @savajjewels
Stylist: @simij_stylist
Wardrobe: Savaj Couture @savajcouture
Creative Producer: Domi Perek @domi_verse
PR: The Quincy Dash Company @thequincydashco

Marrying the rich Indian culture with the elegance of a modern worldview, Ms. Simi Jagtiani has created a fine jewellery brand of bespoke diamonds and gemstones that amplifies the inner beauty of the wearer. With designs that leave you craving desire, and authentic Indian tradition seeping through craftsmanship, Savaj Jewels, is claiming its position as one of the most unique and innovative fine jewellery brands globally.

Coming from a family of reputed merchants with two generations of expertise in the high-end fine jewellery market, Savaj Jewels is known for creating ethnic handmade jewellery catering to some of the most affluential families of India and becoming known for its unique style and creative designs amongst high societies around the world.

Get to know more about the founder and jewellery designer Simi Jagtiani.

Adorn in Elegance!

What drew your interest in luxury fine jewellery and inspired you to start with your brand?

I would peg this interest to my family. Coming from a family of high-end fine jewellers famous for their high standards, I enjoyed an interest in fine jewellery very early on in me life. Our family, with origins deep-rooted in the culture and craftsmanship of Indian fine jewellery, I grew up visiting Mumbai and my grandfather’s jewellery stores in Kemps Corner and hearing tales of how my mother and aunts would compete for the best sales amongst themselves while taking care of our retail stores in Australia! My family background in this genre serves as a great motivation for me to build something unique and great in the luxury fine jewellery industry, the influence of traditional Indian heritage mixed with my international upbringing and experience, I hope to create something that has never been seen before with Savaj. After some significant changes that happened in my life a few years ago, I have realized how important it is to make yourself feel well and special no matter what the circumstance. It is our responsibility individually to create a world in which we can be the best and most positive version of ourselves. For me what we create at Savaj Jewels symbolizes this.

When I started to create Savaj, I noticed the lack of modern design choices in the traditional sector of Indian Polki jewellery. Despite a genuine love and respect for the traditional style of Polki Meenakari and Jadau jewellery, I noticed there weren’t many customizations for the lovers of modern jewellery using these unique uncut diamond polki gemstones and jewellery making styles. This helped me create our niche style at Savaj. Our speciality still being bridal collections we are ever expanding in our design creations and hope to be able to create a brand that is symbolic of Indian heritage and yet international influences for the younger generations to appreciate luxury fine jewellery in their way with Savaj. We at Savaj are proud to implement the unique value proposition of Craftsman to Customer to life.

Did you have a clear idea of this growth for Savaj right from the get-go?

Actually, no. Just before the pandemic, I was attending a wedding with a friend and we were amazed to see how beautiful a friend getting married looked and her bridal jewellery looked even more gorgeous. That day got me thinking about exploring why women shouldn’t get to feel this way shining and glowing, especially on their big day. So, I set out to try and address this point that women through the expression of their choice of luxury fine jewellery should be able to enhance their beauty more often. When it comes to fine diamond jewellery, the idea is to help women bring out their inner sense of style and sparkle. The love and response I receive from clients and friends internationally has been heartwarming and motivated me to grow Savaj further.

What made Savaj stand out in the fine jewellery industry?

Our versatility for design creation is one of our biggest strengths at Savaj I feel. The fact that we can take a traditional gemstone such as the Polki, and traditional Meenakari handmade jewellery and turn it into a creative piece of luxury art that can be worn by an individual to better express themselves in a more modern younger design, more suitable to today’s generation but still embodying Indian Beauty is one of our biggest strengths.

What would you say is the biggest turning point in your journey?

Like many of my peers in the industry, the pandemic was a turning point in my career. It put things into perspective for a lot of us. This applied to jewellery too. People now wanted something that they could cherish as a unique ornament that ties in culture and modern designs helping them adorn their inner self. That’s what makes Savaj’s collection connect with people. With this wave of appreciation for my vision, we ensured that we wanted to build our brand in the e-commerce space allowing us to successfully deliver our jewellery anywhere across the globe. This is an ongoing venture for us at present!

Talking about your collection, what is the most desired design that people seek the most?

Our Bridal Collections and Rajasthan Royal Polki jewellery set collections are the keystones of recognition for Savaj Jewels. Ever since our inception, we have been able to notice the audience’s interest in having such uniquely crafted luxury fine jewellery becoming a part of their wardrobe and their lives. It is personalized luxury at its best and this gives even more value to any woman’s style expression which is so liberating and empowering in my eyes. Savaj Jewellery truly embodies the desire to bring out the inner beauty of a woman who would like to enjoy their life by glowing outside as much as she feels she is passionate and all things amazing on the inside. Adding to that, our jewellery also resonates with the class and sophistication they cherish. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we have been successful with some of the largest and most affluent families, who continue to be our patrons.

What would you look for in a brand ambassador if you were selecting one for Savaj?

Like every brand, my call would also lie in finding a person who stands true to the value that I wish to showcase through my jewellery. Let me put it this way, if Savaj was a living, breathing woman, she would embody the personality traits of respecting traditional roots while embracing the evolving role of being modern. My ambassador would be someone exactly like that; An individual like Isha Ambani Piramal who is a smart, steadfast, and bold woman, proud of her culture but at the same time independent, respectful, and sophisticated. She would indeed be the right person to represent Savaj.

What’s the one thing that you would want to tell your younger self who is set out to start Savaj?

My honest suggestion would be to start sooner! That’s because Savaj was a vision that was always in the making. An idea to help women around the world feel beautiful from both inside and out. To be able to shine on every special occasion with their desired choice and style of luxury fine jewellery. To be able to help others accentuate their beauty, I would have wanted to start this business making these dreams possible sooner.

What would you say is the response from your clients?

Our specialized craftsmanship in bridal uncut polki fine jewellery is always valued by our customers. Our ability to be versatile with using such a traditional art form and pairing it with, colours, designs, and styles are very appreciated. Their reaction always conveys love for this vividness of designs and the expanse of options that they get to choose from. I’m just ecstatic seeing that their response is true admiration for the cultural significance of the traditional art form of Rajasthan should it be a polki gemstone piece we create or any of our other individualized designs we create especially for every one of our special clients.

What’s next for Savaj?

With Savaj, our vision for beauty has branched out to complete the look of women. Our advent into ladies’ fashion and custom-made ladies’ handbags is what we are working on now. This means that the craftsmanship of high luxury should be made available to every aspect of the woman’s fashion experience. To reach her highest level of individualized luxury through the Savaj experience is our ultimate goal. This holistic approach is also supported by our direction for Savaj itself. Our first step is to grow our design spectrum to give more options to the audience while increasing the variety when it comes to the gemstones we are offering. This is a milestone for us, that will soon add itself to the Savaj value we pride ourselves on. Whatever we create at Savaj is a reflection of this very feeling in me. It stands as a method for me to create something derived from need, aspirations, and pride in accentuating the inner beauty of women around the globe. This is the very distinction that grants Savaj a special place in the hearts and lives of my clients.

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