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Alexa Play “Happy Hour”

This Month It’s All About Creating A Sense Of Fun And Glamour With Luxury And Pizazz Over Function And Necessity. So, We Have Designed An Elevated Home Bar, Completing With Cutting-Edge Materials, Exquisite Craftsmanship, Artistic Sensibility, And Unique Flair. Hop In And Find Everything Your Heart Thrives.

Of all the wild amenities modern homes can have, such as a vodka tasting room, a high-tech vault, or a museum-worthy car showroom, something as happening as a home bar goes a long way. Not just a place to house your top-shelf spirits, a well designed home bar undoubtingly encapsulates the art of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned host or simply love an intimate night with family and friends, luxury home bars offer opulence, convenience, and above all, indulgence.

We have rounded up the coolest bar interior designs around the world. The best part? They are as simple as a stylish bar cart stocked with essentials or as elaborate as a themed bar room outfitted with counter, stools, a sink, dishwasher, and beverage
storage that rivals your local watering hole.

Get inspired with the home bar décor ideas that will bring the party to you, and being perfect for unwinding with family or entertaining a crowd. Start taking notes, now!



Turn your lower-level home bar energy into a gilded oasis by channelling the stunning presence which this home bar can offer with a tropical lounge vibe, botanical wallpaper, a mix of dark finishes, bright velvet barstools, a round table and chairs for game nights. All in all, this home bar can pull off a niche with cool marble-effect, stainless steel appliances, and cabinetry that balances the walls for a cohesive look, adding elegance and display space for bottles and glasses.


This home bar featuring glass shelving can display glassware and mirrored siding finishes creating an illusion of more space making a home bar feel larger. Contemporary glass shelving mounted on the subway tile backsplash drives an open and airy feel, while black hardware and accents add a graphic touch. Moreover, the classic glass shelving elevates the home bar relentlessly while displaying the glassware against the dramatic backdrop complementing the chicness of bar.


Let your home bar be neatly tucked into a niche, with glass shelves and a mirrored backsplash to make it feel larger and lighter. Create an arched home bar that features a floating wood bar shelf that is contrasted with a glazed tile backsplash, marble countertops, brass accents, and soothing painted cabinetry can mix warm and cool finishes to add contrasts to your home bar. Just like mixed warm flat-front wood cabinetry, with a rich stain is outfitted, with the wood grain, with a cool backsplash, and silver finishes in this rustic home bar. Nonetheless, open shelving, and a snazzy little wine fridge will keep your favourite bottles at just the right temperature.


Painting your home bar in a dark colour is an easy-peasy way to give it a moody and luxurious feel. As, black-on-black finishes embrace the dark moody basement setting, with creating a sophisticated watering hole in the space. So, let these sleek black painted cabinetries and a mosaic tile backsplash ooze the classic cocktail bar energy. To channel the glamorous style of past eras a shelf to display bottles and glassware, high-gloss dark wall paint, and floor-to-ceiling drapes would be all set to greet you after a long day.


Setting up a charming home mini bar with a tiny ice bucket in a tray on an antique side table in a quiet corner can boost the décor instantly. A quaint vintage lamp and colourful artwork finishes off the vignette, which can brighten up the home bar complementing it perching atop a mid-century dresser. With all-white finishes an artwork can hit the right amount of punch of colours while defining your home bar from the rest of the space at the same time.


Sometimes a home bar is nothing more than an elegant bar cart, equipped with essentials and styled with flair. To boast a luxurious feel, here we have a well styled stocked bar cart that can create a functional and space-saving focal point. This home bar cart stocked with essentials pride of place on a blank wall between windows with a pair of decorative tasselled mirrors above the bar cart enhances poise and defines the space effortlessly.


Add a library to your home bar to create a space that’s built as much for after-dinner drinks with a good book. Look how this spacious library has wraparound wood panelling in a rich stain. A small section of bookshelves in a home bar with a counter, simple stools, open shelving, a pair of armchairs and a bistro table can truly form a private club cocktail lounge feel.

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