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Gentlemen, Protect Ya Neck

Gentlemen, Protect Ya Neck

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For A Fashionable Affair, Let Your Accessories Be Synonymous With Classiness. Find Below The Scarves To Accessorize With Your Outfits. Spoiler Alert – They Manage Not To Be Dull!

Seamlessly adding the accessory to your everyday repertoire will take time and a bit of patience. But if you’re willing to put in the work, your dedication will pay dividends down the line. For successfully nailing the look in a way that doesn’t immediately announce to everyone around you “YO, I’M WEARING A SCARF!” calls for a rare blend of studied casualness— and only a touch—of bold, unbridled confidence.

Pay too little attention to it, and your scarf will end up flailing helplessly behind you in the icy weather or, worse yet, dangling limply around your chest. The secret, then, lies in finding a balance somewhere in between. An intricately patterned version wrapped babushka-like around your head is the preferred look of style, but if that feels too swerve-y, you can casually drape that thing around your neck and carry on.

Thus, we’ve rounded up the eight sophisticated men’s scarves you’ll want to reacquaint yourself with once you start wearing these, there’s no going back.


LORO PIANA, Intarsia Cashmere Scarf, approx. Rs. 1,10,210

RHUDE, + Lamborghini Logo-Applquéd Fringed Merino Wool-Blend Scarf, approx. Rs. 81,060

ETRO, Paisley-Print Herringbone Modal and Cashmere-Blend Scarf, approx. Rs. 81,200

SAINT LAURENT, Frayed Striped Silk Twill Scarf, approx. Rs. 79,870

BURBERRY, Logo-Print Wool and Silk Blend Scarf, approx. Rs. 43,100

LOEWE, Fringed Logo-Print Knitted Scarf, approx. Rs. 55,420

GUCCI, Fringed Logo-Jacquard Wool and Cashmere-Blend Scarf, approx. Rs. 40,450

MISSONI, Fringed Striped Wool Scarf, approx. Rs. 30,790

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