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Winnie The Pooh Mishap

Winnie The Pooh Mishap

Did Winnie The Pooh Just Intended To Slurp His Honey Pot In A Lip Oil, But Failed To Do So? Don’t Confuse Yourself, Just Help Yourself By Reading Ahead To Know Everything.

The ‘90s and Y2K revival has rekindled our love for so many nostalgic beauty trends and the ‘lip oil’ trend is greatest of all times. Lip oil probably has the “clean” look to thank for its surge in popularity as we shelve the heavy makeup for something more minimal and effortless.

Thus, this month, we are getting into the insides of a honey infused lip oil of the brand Gisou. Aesthetically pleasing, but it’s just a basic lip oil with cooking oil scent. This oil tends to make the lips too dry, and its prone to development of chronic flaky patches over your lips which in turn takes a long time for lips to return to normal.

Coming to the product designing, the seal on the bottle isn’t good as the product tends to leaks out. And, the applicator isn’t very flattering as you would expect. At first it gives the most beautiful and juicy look on lips with one swipe, but within 30 minutes, it’s completely gone.

It not only dries off easily, but also causes a small irritation rash over the lip, leaving your lips actually chapped. With flimsiness, the scent is really bad and feels like applying a cooking oil and no big difference can be evidenced. In the advertisement it had more focused on the recoil, and when actually applied it barely shows the amount of shine.

Winnie The Pooh Mishap

Making it feel a little uncomfortable on the lips it doesn’t even hydrate the lips as it just dries out after minutes and results in the need to reapply SO often to get the shine! We may hurt some people but in terms of facing the reality – it literally just feels like nothing but unpleasant taste and has strong weird olive oil smell to it.

It’s rather unpleasant to use, and turns out to be an expensive olive oil for lips leaving a little yellow tint to lips as well. With having a consistency that is too liquifying, it lacks hydration hugely.

Something we would want to bring to your notice is that the advertisement is very misleading as it states that it’s honey- infused but actually it has the olive oil taste which can be a big turn-down because it literally smells like cooking oil.

That’s not all, it also advertises as a product that is never sticky, and is supposed to hydrate, plump, soften and add shine. But for real its the complete opposite as the product seems very sticky, and does a very poor job at hydrating, plumping and softening. However, we would say it does add a considerable amount of shine, but that’s not all we get a lip oil for.

Also caution for anyone who does smoke, we would strictly refuse to apply this lip oil on your lips. As, this product can literally burn your lip so badly, you may catch a small scab for about a week. If this is all you’re looking for in a lip oil, add it in your collection. But don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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