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Get A Pair, And Get Over It!

Get A Pair, And Get Over It!

Safety Is Important, As Long As It’s Securing You. But What If We Ask You To Find A Safety Pin Earring, In A World Full Of Fine Jewellery. Sounds Weird Right? So Does The Pair We Got For You! Let’s Find Out If You Can Style Them Well Or Not?

Jewellery, our true love. We made a pact a long time ago to not move out of the house without this accessory. With that, we also promised to keep bringing to you fine and fashionable statement pieces in every issue. This time we caught our eyes at an earring; and believe us or not we were not in search of any sort of safety.

Dealing in anything and everything related to fashion, this is a brand that has made quite a buzz in the industry. We’re talking about none other, but Versace, which is an eponymous Italian luxury brand founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.


When speaking of the brand, it has recently designed a pair of safety pins. Forgive us, it’s actually “safety pin earrings.” Quite literally. We must say that, attention has been given to little details & kudos to them for it, but can we style it? Keep reading to know if these are coming home or not!

Is this pair something, you would be complemented for? Does the first thing that came to your mind after looking at them was “Gorgeous”? The opposite instead, right? Has someone ever woken up and thought to themselves that today they’ll be pinning their ears? Our apologies, styling a “safety pin earring”.

In our opinion, if one spends a hefty amount on a jewellery product, they want an elegant earring, not a safety pin. Loud and clear. Although, we feel that there are plenty of better options by the brand, but you are free to give it a try if this is something that suits your taste.

As, if this is speaking more of your vibe, who are we to come in the connection between you both, and become a third-wheel. Though, we hope you think twice. Think more, instead. But to save you from embarrassment, we’d suggest you to not wear at your workplace. Don’t know about you, but it can trigger other ones. Don’t say later, we didn’t warn you.

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