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Artsy But Crafty Aesthetics

Artsy But Crafty Aesthetics

This Month Celebrates Diversity Based On A Love Of Art, A Connection To Nature, Painting And Fashion, That’s Perfect For Suitors Of Art And Creativity. So, Get The Scoop On How To Amp Up Your Look With The Help Of Some Key Items!

Fashion evolves over time, and this season, there is a trend that has not at all gone unnoticed: ‘aesthetic’. Loud and clearly celebrities approved! The basis of this new movement surrounds aesthetics, meaning it considers the nature of beauty, art and a taste for all that is beautiful to look at.

Aesthetic style emerged from a movement, where users started mixing grunge, gothic and sporty styles with winks to the aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s. Would you like to know more about it?

As Gen-Z started mixing modern style with retrò pieces from the 80’s and 90’s. Thus, it’s basis revolves around aesthetics, meaning it considers the nature of beauty, art and a taste of everything that is stunning to look at. The main difference between aesthetics and vintage is that the former is an attempt to mix the current style with items from other decades to create a new and different style. In the latter, you just want to recreate a particular style, typically of a certain decade.

If you don’t identify with mainstream style and common canons of beauty, you might be an aesthetic person. This means that your style cannot be defined in the most typical way, rather you like to experiment and mix different vibes from different decades.

Of course, aesthetic style is not only about clothing: if you want to embrace this new way of life, you will also have to adapt your hair, your make-up, your attitude, and above all the accessories. All these features are different in the different aesthetic subcategories, so read on if you want to find the perfect one for you.

Aesthetic fashion style is a broad categorisation and, within it, we can find different sub-styles. It’s anything that’s non conform to the actual typical style and attitude. Dive in and find out accessories that will let you achieve an artsy and aesthetic look inspired by this trend:


SAFIYAA, Astin embellished tulle gloves, approx. Rs. 1,98,060

ROGER VIVIER, Embellished grosgrain trimmed straw sunhat, approx. Rs. 1,16,810

BOTTEGA VENETA EYEWEAR, Embellished aviator-style tortoiseshell recycled-acetate and gold-tone sunglasses, approx. Rs. 70,330

BURBERRY, Striped mulberry silk-twill bucket hat, approx. Rs. 66,170

LORO PIANA, Coarsehair cashmere jacquard headband, approx. Rs. 56,070

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Panettone printed patent-leather wallet, approx. Rs. 55,920

ANYA HINDMARCH, All Over Stickers Important Things embossed textured leather pouch, approx. Rs. 54,570

PUCCI, Printed silk-twill visor, approx. Rs. 50,520

GUCCI, Floral-print silk-twill scarf, approx. Rs. 39,700

VALENTINO GARAVANI, Striped silk-twill scarf, approx. Rs. 30,320

DOLCE & GABBANA, Graphic- print bucket hat, approx. Rs. 42,880

VERSACE, Crystal Butterflies Travel Cup, approx. Rs. 1,22,400

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