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Bid Adieu To Ageing

Bid Adieu To Ageing

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To Fade Age Spots, Soften Fine Lines And Stimulate Cell Renewal, You’ll Have To Look For The Products We Got For You! Dive In For All The Deets You Need.

There is a world of science that goes far beyond the simple grooming pillars. If you were wondering, yes: anti-ageing creams, which actually do work. Your anti-ageing cream can work wonders over time with regular use. Still, it’ll be most effective applied in conjunction with a largely healthy lifestyle, one in which you prioritise a healthy diet, regular exercise, a minimal amount of stress and — access to an SPF that you use daily. If you manage to do all of that, your anti-ageing cream reduces fine lines, revitalises tired skin, and reintroduces plumpness into your cheeks. It tends to potentially keep you looking younger than you actually are for as long as you and your skin both shall live. But which of the oils, tinctures, creams and serums to opt for?

There are a few essential ingredients which you need to keep stocked in your arsenal. Moisturisers with ceramides, squalene and hyaluronic acid-based formulas that will keep your skin youthfully plump and hydrated, whilst including antioxidants such as Vitamin C which can protect against environmental damage. Equipped with the facts, we’ve scoured the market for products containing powerhouse anti-agers, so find the anti-ageing weapons that’ll best stave away time’s weary advance.



For more than 20 years, Chanel Research has conducted studies enabling its experts to unearth the secret to more supple- looking skin. This research has led to the development of Le Lift Pro, a new range of skincare products designed as a naturally innovative and high-performance anti-ageing regimen. A Melipona enzymatic technology lies at the heart of this re-sculpting formula: a naturally derived ingredient with a unique sensorial feel. Produced in very small quantities by minuscule Melipona bees, this precious elixir reinforces skin support to correct the most advanced signs of ageing and offers an unprecedented youth-boosting effect. Suitable for all skin types and fragrance-free, it is enriched with two forms of hyaluronic acid for longer-lasting, intense hydration and immediately tightens and redefines the facial contours aiming at anyone suffering from sagging skin.


Supercharged with 7 brighteners, 9 antioxidants and a 16.5 per cent Repair Complex (which does exactly what its name suggests), this multi-functional, all-day hydrator has been designed to tackle multiple factors that lead to skin damage and premature ageing. The formula combines the concentration and potency of a treatment mask with the ease of a moisturiser, using unique time-release technology to keep you covered throughout the day. It stimulates the production of essential collagen and elastin, fades dark spots, erases signs of fatigue, and protects the skin, employing an anti-pollution shield supercharged with antioxidants, glutathione, thietane and more. Elsewhere, vitamin C, teprenone and palmitoyl tripeptide-5 join forces to reduce the appearance of age spots and prevent the formation of wrinkles. If that wasn’t already enough, medical-grade manuka honey offers antibacterial benefits, niacinamide brightens, caffeine energises, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides round-the-clock hydration.


Innovative and cutting-edge technology has been adopted for this mega-rich concentrated cream, which is the result of Tom Ford assembling a crack squad of experts in skin science to create a new line of high-performance and luxurious restorative skincare solutions. It’s enriched with three powerful sources of caffeine derived from white porcelain cacao and gyokuro, which when used in combination helps in boosting hydration, making skin appear brighter and accelerating skin’s energy levels. Offering 24-hour protection, this non-gender-specific formula also includes peptides, algae extracts and hyaluronic acid to fast-track the regeneration process.


The intense youth-restoring power of this luxurious SOS balm lies in the formulation’s Dynamic BlackBee Repair Technology; being a cutting-edge innovation naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyphenols. Guerlain laboratories have concentrated it with pure black bee honey for reinforced action against the daily stresses that disrupt the skin’s self- repair mechanisms. It’s also enriched with Cicawax Complex, which combines Centella Asiatica (tiger grass) to soothe the skin and beeswax butter which traps molecules for an optimal balance of hydration and nutrition. Specifically designed for the needs of dry skin weakened by climate conditions (cold, wind, humidity and heat), it can be used on both the face and areas of the body prone to dry skin, like the elbows. A hybrid texture that is a sensory delight, it can even double up as a mask (leave on for 10 minutes) or can be used as an overnight cream.


This next-gen serum has been designed to combat more advanced and intense signs of ageing, so is better suited to mature skin. An overnight treatment which has been formulated with retinal (one of the most efficacious forms of vitamin A) encapsulated in an exclusive delivery system, adapted from technology used in pharmaceutical applications, it offers enhanced stability without causing any irritation or harm. Clinically proven to tackle advanced signs of ageing with 2.5x better efficacy than free retinal, it improves skin elasticity and helps to lift sagging jawlines with continued use, yet smoothes deep set wrinkles out in just 2 weeks. Enriched with kangaroo paw flower extract, to improve elasticity and encourage a more sculpted and lifted look, the nourishing and non-irritating formula also features olive, oat and alpha glucan, which join forces to support resilience, restore the skin barrier and top-up moisture levels. One may use it in the evening and always follow with SPF the morning after.

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